Teens and Body Shaming: Help Teens Have a Better Body Image

Body shaming is one of the most challenging and critical problem every fat and healthier individual – be it a child, teenager or adult – has as to deal with either at some point in their lives or for the entire lifetime.

When we talk about the teenage, we believe it is a phase where a huge part of a child’s personality is actually developed. This is the time when a child’s character, habits, personality and the way they see themselves and their life is formed. Similarly, this is the time when they may get exposed to several threats such as body shaming the most as they are vulnerable and young.

Teens are extremely vulnerable when it comes to body image. High school years teach teens to be superficial, encouraging them to look cool and attractive all the time. However, not all of them are appealing given their physical appearance and excess weight.

What Promotes Body Shaming?

There a couple of things that help in promoting body shaming. Media, social media apps, social media influencers, unfit models, etc. foster body shaming, contributing to the unhealthy image that is engraved in the minds of children and teens these days.

People have now created a standard for beauty and attractiveness. It’s a shame that we are raising children that do not have the ability to value differences and variations.

How to Help Teens Have a Better Body Image

Body shaming is a long topic to discuss so we will briefly explain the ways in which parents can protect their teens from being affected by or exposed to body shaming. Parents should teach their teens how to fight body shaming and bullying. Here are some ways in which parents can help their teens have a better body image.

Avoid Commenting on Their Looks

The first way in which you can help your teen have a better body image is to not comment on their physical appearance. You should never criticize your kid for being overweight. If they are overweight, you should support any efforts they are making to maintain a healthy diet. Praise their efforts and encourage them to exercise daily, maintain a healthy diet, and get the right amount of sleep.

Be a Healthy Role Model

In order for your children and teens to have a better body image, you need to first do that for yourself. Teens follow their parents if they are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping themselves fit and having a workout on a daily basis. You should be able to first love your body and treat it well in order to make your children follow the same. They will feel good and happy about themselves and become healthier if you are. So, you should try to be a healthy role model for your kids because they perceive their parents as their role models.

Help Teens Embrace their Flaws

Parents should support their teens by helping them explain that they are not ought to admire every single thing about their body and physical appearance because that’s hard enough. In fact, they should make them learn to accept the not-so-good things about their body and try to feel proud of them. Make them understand that no individual is perfect as they have their own insecurities and flaws. The right way to deal with them is to embrace them wholeheartedly and feel proud of them.  

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