Technology Helps Autistic Kids But Where Do Parents Need To Step In?

Already embraced by millions all over the world for their portability and their ease of use, new researches suggest high end tablets and other smart technologies can also be used as therapeutic tools for kids with autism. Tablets are helping children with autism interact directly with the contents without the cognitive hurdle of a mouse and break down concepts in chunks that are easy to understand. But are these tools helping kids with autism a bit too much? Parents need to be careful when handing a tablet to their autistic child.

Studies suggest that smart technologies can help kids with autism a great deal. Touch devices can significantly improve their expression. Using tablets such kids can express them more easily and engage with others. But when the iPad launched about 4 years ago, parents of autistic children were all geared up to buy the device expecting it do miracles for their child. Parents were throwing iPads at their autistic kids.

Tablets might help kids with autism but parents have to be realistic about the level of support the tablet will provide their kid. They are just tools not miracles. And parents have to be clear about it. Tablets are helping every 1 in 68 children in the United States but needs vary from child to child. Nationwide however tablets are helping autistic kids become more independent. Autistic kids often rely on their parents to structure their day for them. More and more parents are handing tablets to their autistic children so that they keep themselves busy while the adults are away. This is an increasing practice among parents but it may also have its repercussions.

Parental Control Software

Parents often leave their autistic children with tablets to keep them busy. The concept of supervising or monitoring them does not exist. Though technology makes a huge difference in the lives of kids with autism but it is a far cry from being a cure. Parents do have to supervise them so they don’t stumble upon inappropriate content.

Parents have additional responsibility towards children with autism. Even when your autistic child is seemingly enjoying themselves on the tablet, make sure you know what they find amusing. The internet is full of content that you might not want your autistic kid to see right now. The only way you can prevent them from viewing age-inappropriate content is by installing online parental control software in the tablet your child uses. Even if barring certain websites doesn’t sound feasible, parents can have an insight into the child’s activities.

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