Help your kids settle down in a new place

Moving to a new place is a difficult and tricky time for children, especially for teenagers. The process is made even more difficult when goodbyes are exchanged between old friends and a familiar territory is being left behind for an uncharted zone. Parents should know how to help kids settle down in new surroundings.

Exploring the surface

Before moving in to a new house, the parents should make it a point to take their kids for a tour of the place. During the touring hours parents can discuss the makeup of each room with the children and take suggestions from them about the ways in which the place can be decorated. Teenagers are also fond of physical activities and engaging them in a game of hide and seek or I spy will help them get a feel of their future abode.

Putting old memories into a box

Encourage your teens to pack all their essential belongings in a box and to wrap up the things with their own hands. Advise them to keep the box safe and in sight during the moving process so that the same can be unloaded first. Instead of the handlers taking care of your child’s personal box, the kid should handle it himself to make him/her feel more at home.

Settling the kids first

The first things to be unpacked include all the household essentials, food being the most important among these items. After the first base has been covered, proceed towards setting up your kids’ room. Help them unpack all their personal belongings to give them a sense of belonging and responsibility. Discuss with your child how they would like to arrange their rooms according to their own comfort and give due consideration to their feedback.

Re-establishing old routines

To keep the whole moving and settling thing in smooth motion, it is important that the old command structure is re-implemented. This mostly includes timetable for daily meals, monitoring TV hours, allotting time for sports, and also establishing the rules for going to bed and waking up in the morning.

Enjoying new beginnings, keeping old contacts

It is important to help your child to maintain contact with his/her former friends in addition to making new ones. If your new house is not far away from your former residence, it will be wise to continue the association of your kids with a local sports club or school. They will feel at home.

Cool school strategies for teens

Familiarizing oneself with a new school in an unfamiliar area is difficult for children. Think about how to help your kids make friends at school. A large number of schools have developed their own strategies to integrate new students into its folds. Parents are allowed to interact with a key person to form an idea about the place, while most other schools also keep regular contact with the parents for a period of six to ten weeks after the child is enrolled. Taking your kid around a tour of the school is also a good idea.

Most importantly, stay positive throughout the entire process because kids pick up negativity very quickly.

Allow teenagers to fit in on their own and don’t forget to inform them about the plans well in advance to prepare them mentally for the move.

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