Best places to bring up a teen: city vs. suburbia

As long as one is single or childless, the edgier and more exciting the place, the better. However, the situation is vastly different if you have a teen or a tween to take care of. There are a lot of things that parents need to consider for the better of their kids before they can choose their final abode. 

Where you want to live as a family is a decision you need to take by taking into account the kind of life you want for your family and kids and what their demands and desires are. So before you get influenced by anything else, lets take an honest look at the pros and cons of living in a city or a suburb and decide which of these options is a safe place to raise a family.

Pros to the City Living

No one can deny the perks of living in a place like the Upper West Side NYC. It is a good place to raise kids. In fact a lot of times people will tell you it’s the best place for bring up a family. The multi-cultural exposure, easy access to just about any amenity a family might need, like stores, doctors, auto workshops and what not, all these make it a haven for families. Public transportation is efficient and most schools are in close vicinity. However, living in a city will expose your kids and family to a lot of elements which can be distracting. The after-school clubs and other recreational activities may be a cause of alarm for parents who want academic high achievers. But the city life almost certainly prepares any child for the realities of life.

Pros to Suburbia Life

But this does not mean that the suburbs have nothing to offer. The one thing suburbs offer which cities can not is space and environment. In the suburbs you can get a lot more land and space for the price you would pay for in the city. Considering the fact that not everyone want to live away from the buzz of life, so suburb residents have the luxury of privacy and solitude as well. And ofcourse who can deny the fact that suburb’s have a much lower crime rate.  While the public transport may not be something to write home about, but due to this you have lots of parking space for your own car or chosen mode of transport. Schooling is usually better in the suburbs, since more teachers are available per class and the extra curricular activities can be very nature based. After moving to the suburbs a lot of people also opt for homeschooling their kids.

So here we have some of the reasons you should muse over before picking out your perfect home. Remember, that whatever decision you take, the environment most suitable for your child’s healthy and happy upbringing should be of the utmost importance for you. 

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