Acknowledge your Teens' Successes by Celebrating them

A balance in parenting techniques leads to success in raising responsible teenagers. If parents punish their kids for every mistake they make, then the right approach for parents would be to encourage teenagers for every achievement – big or small. Here are some ways through which parents can acknowledge success of teenagers without overdoing the celebrations.

Plan an outing

Whenever children complete a milestone in their lives or manage to achieve minute things like getting a good grade or winning a competition, parents should plan an outing of their teens’ choice. Parents don’t have to go overboard to celebrate the success. Taking your teens to their favorite bowling arena or burger joint will make them uplift their spirits and encourage them.

Stay at home activity

If it’s not the right time to go out, then plan an indoor activity with your teens. Play a game of chess or cards, plan a family movie night and make homemade snacks to celebrate.

Surprise party

Plan a surprise party for your teen. This can be done to celebrate a major milestone in your teens’ lives, like graduating from high school or getting scholarship for a great college. Invite your teen’s friends and make the party success with some punch and music.

Create rituals

Make a tradition of celebrating different success stories of your teens, like taking pictures for the memory book of your teen, recording videos, and taking your teen to a restaurant when his/her grandparents took you for celebrations among others. Similarly, parents can also have a “wall of fame” at home, where they hang their teens’ certificates, pictures and awards.

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