Ensuring Safety of Kids in the Digital Landscape

You must be living in constant fear of your kid becoming a victim of cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online harassment, etc. Unfortunately, these are not the only things parents of digital generation have to worry about. There are various other online threats our kids are exposed to like porn and violent games. Sadly, there is no way out as you cannot stop your kids from using the internet. However, you can minimize the risks by following these simple digital parenting tips.

Have the Technology Talk

One of the best ways to ensure the online safety of kids is to talk to them about it. Make them realize that this technology, if not utilized safely, can cause serious consequences. Tell them about the digital threats so that they get prepared for any unwanted situation beforehand. Advise them not to let their cool gadgets affect their health, social life, and most importantly their education. Also warn them about the consequences of abusing their online privileges.

Explore Parental Control Solutions

You must also explore different digital solutions such as parental control apps to protect your kids online. There are various apps that are especially designed to keep kids away from threats on the internet. They don’t just make the digital space relatively safer, but also help in keeping an eye on the kids remotely. There are a large number of parental control apps available in the market. You must buy the one that offers the following features:

  • Filters the internet to separate good from the bad
  • Block unwanted and inappropriate websites
  • Monitor social media activities of kids
  • Log web history
  • Block inappropriate applications
  • Ensures safe search
  • Offer remote monitoring
  • Track device location in real-time
  • Schedule internet usage

You must take your kid into confidence before installing these apps on their device. Tell them that you are doing this for their own safety. They may show resistance in the start, but will eventually understand your concerns. It is important to keep in mind that parental controls just act as a helping hand. You still need to keep a close eye on the kids to make sure they stay safe 24/7.

Talk to the School Management

Nowadays, most of the schools offer free Wi-Fi connection so that the kids can get access to the internet for education purposes. Unfortunately, some kids use these privileges to abuse, harass, and stalk their class fellows. A large number of research studies have also find out that bullying is very common in school and colleges. And now there is the additional menace of cyberbullying. This is why it is very important to talk with the school management about the potential threats kids are exposed to and the mechanism or framework for avoiding them.

Trust Kids and Give Them the Space They Need

Monitoring the online activities of kids is good, but this does not mean that you take away their privacy. Problems and complications are a part of growing up. Every challenge their overcome and every situation they survive will help them learn and become strong.

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