Why Is It Necessary to Monitor Kids Text Messages?

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A long time ago, there was no point in monitoring kids' phones because of the clear visibility of everything happening around. Parents could see when their kids were being tortured and bullied in schools or on roads, and they could always do remedies to avoid that. There used to be simple parent-teachers’ meetings and strategies to make the environment as healthy as possible. But, everything has changed with the advent of technologies.

With the rise in the use of technology and social media, things have become too much complicated. There is very little that parents get to know about the life of their kids because of all the secrecy and privacy that the internet has provided them. Once they start enjoying it, they seldom think that they need help from an adult. That’s when the need to monitor kids text messages is raised. Parents are worried about considering monitoring their kid's phones for their good.

The Need to Monitor Kids Text Messages

There is a dire need to monitor kids text messages because it seems like all the worst things are starting from there now. Kids are using their smartphones for fun but it seems like it is getting them in a lot of trouble. There have been several cases where kids have even tried attempting suicide because of the shame and embarrassment they faced from the threats they received on their smartphones. And, it is only getting worse.

There are several threats related to texting when it comes to teens. They don’t understand these threats at first because they come as fun to them, but later, these threats prove to be very dangerous for them. Such as:

· Sexting

Sexting is the most fun part of a teen relationship. They get attracted to it because they think they are impressing their partner. Sexting includes sending sexual and intimate messages, nude photos, and inappropriate videos to the partner to attract them. But, later on, this might get dangerous for them because these immature relationships don’t last for long and kids have this mentality of taking revenge.

· Bullying

Cyberbullying is the most common type of bullying that is being practiced these days. Kids try to tease each other by sending inappropriate and teasing messages, calling each other names, and even making prank calls. When these things take an edge, they can pose a serious threat to the mental health of the victim and the results can be very dangerous.

· Predators

Online predators are strangers who play nice at first to get the attention of the kids. They become the people that the kids always look forward to, the ones who care about their emotions and feelings. They make it look like they care too much. But, over time, they make these kids share personal information and inappropriate stuff just to use it against them later on.

They even make them share their home address and personal information like credit card information to get ahold of their personal life and attack them in a real-life situation.

· Disturbed Routine

Often kids get so indulged in their digital life that they seldom have time to deal with their daily life activities. They often lose interest in whatever they used to do and get addicted to their smartphones. This is a warning sign for the parents and they must figure out what is causing them to become addicted and busy. This is no way a good option to leave them stuck to their mobile phones even on late nights.

Why Do Kids Don’t Tell Their Parents?

Parents don’t get to know about these things at first, because kids often hide it from them. First, they enjoy and they fear that this enjoyment might be taken away from them if they share too much. Or mostly, they feel that there is nothing to share because they have their smartphones for enjoyment after all. They even don’t see the danger coming in the fun they are having.

Second, when they have faced any danger or threat that stresses them out, they don’t share it out of shame. They feel that their parents might scold them or embarrass them for being stupid and careless. This is also because mostly, parents have not given their children the environment they deserve at home. They are not given the space to share everything they want and not being judged at the same time.

In this scenario, they usually try to manage things on their own and end up being trapped even more. They are kids, after all, so they use every remedy that comes to their mind which might be not mature enough. Even kids try to commit suicide when there is nothing else they can do.

How to Monitor Kids Text Messages?

Parental control apps have made life easier for the parents as they can monitor everything that their kids are doing on the phones using these apps. SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that brings you amazing features to take care of the digital life of your kids. You can monitor their social media accounts, calls, and messages logs to make sure they are falling into any threat.

By monitoring them, you can know beforehand about the possible dangers they might be stepping into. Kids don’t realize these dangers at first but later on, they can get themselves into great trouble. Monitoring them gives you the best option to take care of these things.

Moreover, parents should also give a welcoming environment to the kids so that they can share their problems and issues with them openly. They should be encouraged to share everything without the hesitation of being embarrassed or ashamed.

This is how parents can build a good bond with their kids and save them from any possible danger in the future. This relationship can save your kids from any threat that they might face thus making them feel secure and safe. This is important for every teen.

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