Learn How to Monitor Kids Phone Without Them Knowing

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Decades ago, monitoring would never roam around the minds of parents. There was a time when everything was so clear and in front of everyone. Kids had minor resolvable issues and there was so much less to keep secretive. But the time has changed and so has the generation. With the advent of latest technologies, kids have learned to keep things to them even if they are in trouble.

They have password-protected accounts and phones, and they want to deal with everything alone. It is fine when there is so much less to deal with, but is that right? Adults know very well how dangerous can these smartphones are, how threatening the internet is, and how easy it is to get your kid into trouble where you don’t get to know a thing about it. That’s why parents need to learn how to monitor kids phones without them knowing.

Why Do You Need to Monitor Them?

Monitoring your kids was never your first choice, it is understandable. But, now before you take this step, you need to be sure if you are doing the right thing. Your kid seems fine and healthy; then why would you monitor them? They are happy with their freedom, enjoying the internet for their studies and entertainment, why would they need protection?

Most of the parents think like that, but later, they regret this thought. It is not about the need for monitoring at the moment. It is about you realizing that the smartphone you just gave to them has plenty of pathways. How are you so sure that your kid will remain on the path that you selected for them? They are kids, they want to explore, know more, and that makes them click everything that comes while they do internet searching.

Let’s take a look at a few more reasons to start monitoring your kid right away:

· Cyberbullying

Your kids might not see it coming, but when someone starts teasing them on social media platforms, it is time to take a step. Bullies these days use social media, messages, and calls to humiliate and tease the victims. They do everything in their power to make sure the victim is embarrassed and humiliated in front of the whole public. Your kid might be the bully or the victim. But, you won’t know because you don’t know what they are doing on their phones.

· Online Predators

Kids are new to this adventure, and the very first thing that attracts them is the variety of connections they get to make. Sure you have advised them not to talk to someone they don’t know, but it is the internet. They like to talk to strangers who are talking to them nicely and they think it can’t hurt them because it is all on their phone. But, you know that is not true.

These predators come in the form of these nice people and extract information out of the innocent kids to tease them later. They can even make your kids give them home address and credit card information. There are several cases reported for this crime with innocent kids. These predators even make innocent kids do something that is severely wrong. You won’t even know before your kids get indulged in criminal activities.

· Pornography

There is no chance that your kids will inform you of the moment their eyes get stuck on porn. Gone are the times when you had to do a lot of things, pay here and there to get your hands on porn. Now, access to the internet is enough to get you on board. Just a few clicks and you are there. It is the same for the kids as well. It amuses them the most as it is something new and exciting for them. But, would they tell you about it?

· Sexting

You are so sure that your kid knows how to play nice on the internet. But, do you know the most common practice among youth is sexting? They make friends, it turns into a relationship, and then they tend to do everything they can to impress their so-called partners. One of the most common things they do is sexting. They share sexual messages and nude photos to enhance their relationships. Little do they know that these messages can come back haunting them in the future.

How to Monitor Your Kid's Phone Without Them Knowing?

Monitoring is necessary when your kids can be in this much danger. Due to such threats, there have been cases reported around the world where the kids have even tried committing suicide to get the escape. This is not the future you want for your kids. You have handed them the phones so that they can do better at studies and don’t feel trapped. But, at the same time, they need protection no matter if they think they don’t.

You can monitor your kid's phone through parental control apps. These apps let you monitor everything from their messages and call logs to their chats on social media. You can know before them when there is a threat coming their way. You can also manage their screen time from your device. However, you need to be very smart about handling this as it can make your child offensive.

It is better to make a welcoming environment at home to make sure your kids trust you. Once they know that you seek better for them, they can trust you and let you help them. You must make an open communication policy at home to make sure your kids can come to you anytime they feel anything wrong. They must be encouraged to share their feelings no matter how embarrassing or humiliating their situation is.