Best App to Monitor Kids Phone Seek Help and Protect Your Kids Today

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Monitoring kids’ phone is the first thing that comes to parents’ minds when they give their teens a new phone. Not to suffocate them, or be authoritative on them, but to make sure that they are well-protected and are using their mobiles for the best use possible. This has led many parents to search for the best app to monitor kids phone.

No doubt, technology is a necessary part of our lives now. Even for tweens and teens, they require the internet and technology to deal with their studies. They need up to date information to get hold of the ever-growing knowledge.

But, with it comes to some threats and dangers that are unknown to the kids because of their impulsive nature towards entertainment and exploration. They become so indulged in this digital world, that they hardly see any threat coming their way and this causes them real trouble when they are trapped in these dangers.

If you are a new parent, or you are new to technology for teens, you must get an idea about what could be the dangers that your tweens and teens can encounter while using the internet. Let’s get an idea about what could they face so that you can know how dangerous things can be for them.

Dangers of internet

If you are wondering what sort of dangers your kids might be indulged into, here is a complete guide for you. From cyberbullying to predators, there are a lot of threats that are roaming around your kids when they are live on the internet. Let’s take a look at some of the threats that can get worse and can result in wrong decisions.

1. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is using the internet to threaten, harass, or humiliate someone on purpose. It all starts from school for the kids. First, it happens in schools where kids tease each other, make fun of each other, but if the situation gets worse, it can lead to bad intentions. Some of the kids might get into bad habits and use the internet for their bad purpose.

This can include leading personal information including pictures in public to humiliate the victim. Also, they could rotate rumors through the internet to embarrass them. It can take dangerous levels and lead to wrongful reactions by the victim such as suicide.

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2. Online Predators

There are strangers over the internet, who are hovering there in search of innocent kids to trap them and get them indulged in bad activities. Since kids are innocent and very impulsive with their hands-on technology, it excites them when they are met with strangers online who are so nice to them.

These predators play nice at first, be friends with your kids and then trap them into doing something they shouldn’t be doing. They could ask your kid to share personal home address, your credit card information, or worse, they could humiliate your kid after extracting some information and get him to do bad things.

3. Sexting

Sexting is the new era’s romance when there is a start of a relationship. Kids are usually very excited about their relationship and they are ready to do everything it takes to impress their partners. One of the most common things that they practice is sexting where they send nude pictures and sexual messages to each other to make up the environment.

At first, it might seem like an easy choice and way of impressing the other partner, but later, when they break up, it turns into a disaster. Because, most of the times, after break up, kids use these images and text to take revenge on each other. Though it seems like an easy way to take revenge, it haunts them for the rest of their lives.

4. Pornography

Pornography is the oldest internet threat as you know. In old times, it was hard to get your hands on it, people had to make some struggles and dealings. But, now, it is like a piece of cake. Even if you are not looking for it, just open up any website, and you will see an inappropriate ad right over there. One click and you are taken into the world of pornography.

The same is the case with your kids. They are new to this; they might not know where to find it or if there is any pornography on their mobile phones. But, soon, a few clicks can take them to this Disney ride and they can get addicted to it. It is just like that.

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You surely don’t want your kids to be indulged in this stuff for sure. If you are not sure, these things can lead to very dangerous reactions by your kids and later, all you will have is regret.

The Best App to Monitor Kids Phone

In this time, what you need is the search for the best app to monitor kids phones. You don’t need to find out the reason anymore as you know already how dangerous the internet can be for them. To protect them from these dangers, you can look up to the parental control apps and monitor them continuously.

SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that can save you much time and worry. You just have to log in and start using it. Once you are in it, you can monitor their social media platforms, know their activities, track their messages and call logs, and also manage their screen time. With so many amazing features, you don’t have to worry about your kid being in danger anymore.

Talk to them about these threats and tell them how you are going to help them manage these things. Don’t make them distant, talk to them and make them trust you so that they can know that you are there to help only. Make sure that they know that you are there for them no matter what wrong happens to them. You won’t humiliate or embarrass them at any point. This is what they want to hear from you.