Why Do You Need a Location Tracking App for Your Kids?

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Henry, a professor, has three kids age 12, 15, and 18. Henry being a parent of these growing kids is concerned about their safety as they are in the age where they want to explore as much as they want. That’s why Henry has decided to use a location tracking app for keeping himself aware of their whereabouts. Kids are well aware of the fact that their father knows where they are going. According to Henry, parents want to be assured of where their kids are because of the dangers out there.

Most of the parents don’t agree with this approach. There has always been a heating debate about whether parents should monitor and track their kids or not. One side, they think that this is a breach of their privacy and rights whereas, on the other side, it is considered to be very important because of all the possible dangers they can encounter out there. In any way, kids need to be aware that wherever they go, their parents know the location and they can reach them in the time of need.

Pros and Cons of Using a Location Tracking App

Henry demonstrated that knowing where you kid at any time with just a touch of a button is very comforting and convenient especially for the parents who remain worried and anxious for the safety of their kids.

A parenting expert Vanessa Lapointe believes that parents should work on maintaining a healthy relationship with the kids where trust is the main factor. She also said that caregivers have the right to be assured that their kids and loved ones have reached the destination with safety. The location tracking apps can allow them to know where their kids are without bugging them by asking ‘where they are’ and ‘what are they doing’. These are the questions that irritate the kids the most.

Lapointe also said that knowing where the kids are at the moment can increase the feeling of connectedness and togetherness. Though you are not physically with them, you might feel connected to them. As Henry said, ‘When our kids are home and we are not, my wife messages them right away about the meal that she left for them in the fridge. This comforts her a lot.’

But, as you feel comfortable and stress-free by knowing where your kids are, tracking apps can also make you more anxious where you develop this need to know where your child is all the time. You might reach the app again and again thinking that your child is in danger and he won’t be fine unless you get to know the whereabouts. It can make you paranoid as well. In the times when the app might not work properly, or you might not have the network or internet access, you can become seriously stressed out and anxious.  

Tracking your kids can also ruin your relationship with your child if you are doing it out of anger or frustration. Your intentions and way of dealing with your kids play a great role in deciding what your relationship will be. Lapointe said that any approach that you acquire out of anger, in secret, to spy on your kids, or to punish them for some action they did, will not go well. That’s why there is a dire need for honesty and transparency even when you are doing everything for their good. Track your kids keeping the importance of trust and honesty in your mind.

Building Trust with Your Kid

Before you start tracking your kids, make sure you know that your intentions matter. If all you want is to spy on them and satisfy your anxiety, it can never work for your relationship. Therefore, it is advised by the parenting experts to get the children’s consent before tracking them.

If you are forcing your kid to download the tracking app in their mobile saying that you won’t pay their phone bill unless they do it, it is not the right approach. They will never understand your true intent and become rebel for this behavior.

Instead, if you approach them with the right rationale and reasoning of using the tracking app, and show them that their consent matters, they can understand you and agree on it. Know what thinking does your child possess. If you don’t make them feel important, they won’t get on board with you.

Henry stated that he and his wife sat with the kids and tried to explain to them the reason why they should agree on this. The middle one understood it fast, but the elder one needed more reasoning and he almost gave them a tough time understanding this. But at the last, after a long discussion, they all agreed on the same page.

Take Care of Their Privacy Concerns

Yes, you have got their trust and got them on the same page, but it doesn’t end here. Once you start tracking them as per their consent, it is totally up to you that what you will do about that information. Location tracking apps have a lot more to give rather than just location. You must not use that data to be all authoritative on them, thus interfering with everything they are doing. This will make them go back to square one where they don’t understand why do you need to know their location.

So, if you are tracking them, do it for their good but keep the trust level high as well. You can’t call them and reach them every time you think they can’t handle anything. Trust them and be confident that they know what they are doing. Talk to them about the things they went through today at the dinner table and show them that you knew yet you didn’t interfere. Trust is the key to your successful relationship with your children.

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The Best Location Tracking App

Now that you know how to reach up to your kids, the next thing is to know which app to choose. SecureTeen is one of the best location tracking apps along with the features that will help a lot in modern parenting. You can know their digital activities, manage their screen times, and do a lot more with this app. If you are doubtful, install this best parental control software today and get started with.

Along with the location tracking app, make sure you are strengthening the relationship with your kids as per the tips mentioned above. The purpose of using an app should be to get close to them and feel connected rather than pulling them away.