Protect Teens with Android And iPhone Location Tracking Apps

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There are plenty of Android and iPhone location tracking apps that you can find in the market. But what do you think when you see these apps? Most of the parents, on seeing such apps, think of these apps as a betrayal to their kids. They think their kids deserve freedom and privacy as they like. This is their biggest mistake when they think that their kids are smart and they can handle everything. If you look around, you will see plenty of cases of kids being trapped in the wrong sort of things just because their parents gave them this freedom.

Monitoring your kids and tracking their location is not at all about suffocating them. They want freedom, give them that but at the same time, make sure that they know that you are their parents. There should be no secrets, no hiding stuff, and of course, you must know everything they are doing at the moment. You should know what sort of friends are they making, where are they going after school, and what are their habits these days. If they feel suffocated for this, tell them how the dangers are lurking around them and how they should be very careful.

Why Should You Track Your Kids?

There are numerous reasons to pursue this path. Many of these reasons are too much dangerous and even costing kids’ lives too. Let’s take a look at the dangers that are roaming around our kids all the time:


Be it their friends or some adult that they meet every day, there is always someone who makes innocent kids target and harass them when the time is right. Do you know what time fits them the most? Mostly, after school, or after their practice, or any such time. If you keep on tracking their location, know where they went after school, you would know if someone is taking them to some shady place. They might not realize it at first, but it is better to protect them before things go another way down. Tracking their location helps you a lot in keeping them safe.


Bullying has taken many forms now. Children can tease each other at school, can take out their grudge after school, or social media is also playing a significant role in providing them the platform to perform cyberbullying. Bullying might not ring any bells to you but it is hurting the kids in different ways. There are several cyberbullying cases being reported every year where kids are trying to take their lives because of the humiliation and insult they felt from bullying. Do you want your kids to be one of these kids? Or worse, your kid can be a bully too. Either way, it is your duty to protect them in every way possible. But first, you must know what is going in and you can do that by monitoring and tracking them.


You are happy that your kids are getting involved with other kids, enjoying their lives, and having fun. But, this fun is going beyond limits these days. Kids seek love and care from social media, they make new friends and start talking to them. Soon, you will find them being too much involved with these people. They carry on their relationships and to make it more intimate, they start sharing inappropriate things. When the relationships are over, those things that they shared can be used against them in several ways. Things like blackmailing, revenge, and hatred area are usually taken out through humiliating the other person with that stuff.


Do you know there are adults out there who play nice with your kid just to get them to do things? What sort of things? Well, there is no limit to that. Sometimes all they want is your credit card information, some would want to know the home address, and then some want to take your kid somewhere to make them do inappropriate things. Yes, it is all true. Children get easily attracted to these adults because all the way, they are looking for an adult figure who would love them unconditionally. Usually, they target innocent kids. They can be found everywhere on social media as well in real-life too. If you don’t make yourself aware of this, you might be letting your kids go into danger.

If these things ring any bells to you or make you worried, you can stop them. Track your kids today and start monitoring them right now to make sure you know that they are safe. Also, talk to them about these things so that they can know what they might face outside.

Android and iPhone Location-Tracking Apps

When you have decided to track them and keep an eye on them, you need good android and iPhone location tracking apps. You need to find the best one that could give you several features.

SecureTeen is one of the best parental control app that lets you monitor your kids and know their location at the same time. You can track their messages, calls, social media, location, and many other things. You can even manage their screen time. There are plenty of things that you can do with this single app. It offers you amazing features to make sure your kids are fine and safe.

Along with using location tracking and monitoring apps, make sure you have a good communication level with your kids. The more you make them open with yourself, the more things will become easier and better. You ought to make them understand that you are always there for them whenever they are in trouble. Don’t bash them on little things they do, it will drive them away from you. Be open and welcome them with open arms. They need you to be there to trust them and be with them all the time.