Smart Parenting Android and iPhone Location Tracking

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Monitoring and location tracking for kids’ protection have always been a point of debate among parents. Where some parents prefer to use old parenting techniques on their kids as per their belief that those styles nourish better generations, some are extending their exposure towards modern parenting. This debate has never been solved but yet, it is something that needs to be addressed at a greater level because kids’ future and mental health depend on it.


We might think of old parenting styles as the authentic and reliable ones but it is to be noted that the kids are pretty different in this era. Those were days when ordering them to do something and avoid the other would work. But, these days, they want explanations and logic behind everything you ask them to do. If you are using old ways of handling your kids, you are mistaken and soon you will realize that they are going out of hands. That’s why you need to be smart about handling these smart kids these days. Technology has introduced monitoring with Android and iPhone location tracking for this purpose.


Since the present era is based on technology, why would you base your parenting styles in old ways? Parents also need to be super updated about today’s advanced technology to carry on with the kids. These days, kids won’t listen to you if you don’t match their mental level. So, know the world around you, get out of your shell to provide better support and guidance to the kids. This is the time to learn about how to be a good parent and learn modern parenting.

Why Do You Need to Monitor and Track Your Kids?

Are you confused about whether you should monitor and track your kids or not? Well, everyone is confused in this manner so let’s clear out a few things. Monitoring and tracking are not meant to suffocate the kids instead it is for their safety but they should know about it. If you haven’t been keeping yourself updates, search the internet, watch the news, and know how kids are practicing self-harming behaviors because of several unknown things.


Do you want to remain a stranger to the issues your kids might be facing? Of course not. You must know what is going on with them in order to guide them at the right moment. Here some of the threats that your kids might be facing right now:

Social Media

Social media is the biggest danger for your kids. Yes, you read it right. It might seem like a great place to have fun and enjoy while sharing your life with other people, but you must know better than your kids. You should know that threats like cyberbullying, predating, porn, sexting, and many others are roaming around social media trying to trap the kids.


Kids being innocent and excited can be easily trapped in such threats. Once they are trapped, they might not know any place to go, anyone to share with so they use alternative methods to get rid of the danger zone. Those alternative methods are sometimes more dangerous than the issue itself. The worst part is that the parents don’t get to know what their kids are going through unless there is a disaster.


You surely don’t want to be unaware of these things. Social media issues can be easily monitored by parental control apps. You can look into their profiles, know what they are posting, who they are talking to, and much more. You will know about the issues long before they realize that something is wrong. You can then go ahead and guide them in the best way possible. While guiding them, make sure to tell them how dangerous social media can get and you just want to protect them.

Fake Relationships and Friends 

Kids have been told always that they shouldn’t trust strangers. But, now the strangers come in the form of the nice people who care about your kid more than anyone else even you. Kids want attention and when they are given that, they seldom think the other way around. They usually spend no time in trusting these people who are strangers but are playing nice.


These strangers can ask your kids to do anything they want. They can ask them to share their personal information, contact information, and much more. They can also ask them to meet somewhere and not to tell their parents about it. This is where location tracking comes in. Once you know where your kids are, you can be sure that they are safe. And, if they are meeting someone unknown, going to weird places, you can intervene and guide them.

Android and iPhone Location Tracking App

If you decided to monitor and track your kids, then this is the time to search for the best parental control app that offers you the solution. You will find plenty of apps in the market that might offer you the features you like. Among those parental control apps, SecureTeen is the best parental control software. It offers multiple features to handle your kids the best way.


SecureTeen offers you multiple features through which not only you can monitor your kids but also can manage their screen time, know their location, and keep an eye on them. You can make sure they are not in trouble by using this app. Moreover, you will be able to guide them where required. You can manage multiple things under the single roof of this app.


Your purpose in tracking them shouldn’t be to suffocate them. They must not feel trapped and suffocated when you start doing this. Get them to understand why are you doing this and what to expect. Give them value and discuss the dangers with them. Make them believe that they are free to talk to you whenever they want about anything they want. They shouldn’t feel shy as you are never going to judge them.