The Right Way to Do Monitoring and Android Location Tracking

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With the world evolving at a higher speed, it is quite difficult to comprehend what parenting style would work best. It might be hard to accept that those days are gone when you would find information in the libraries through books. Now is the era of technology and your kids are being raised at this time.

Technology has almost taken control of our lives. We breathe in technology, we sleep with it, and we keep it close no matter what activity we are doing. If we are indulged in the technology after living the tech-free life, what can we say about the kids who got their eyes on the technology from the moment they were born. For these kids, experts suggest that it is mandatory to monitor and pursue android location tracking for the safety of kids.

You might think about why would they need safety when technology and media are all about entertainment and knowing new people. It seems like it is all fun where people share their feelings and activities even though it is a public platform. This is where the fun ends and the serious activities start when they don’t realize that it is a public platform and everything they do there can be seen by others and used by them in the future.

Reasons to Monitor and Track Your Kids

Most parents are worried that they might be invading their kids’ privacy by pursuing these activities. But it is all about their safety and protection rather than privacy. If you think you might not need to monitor them, here are some of the reasons for you to do so:


Many kids are harassed by other people on these platforms. Upon bullied on such big public platforms they often get emotionally distressed and depressed in many cases. If you don’t think that cyberbullying is a serious thing, take a look at some of these horrible cyberbullying cases and their effects on the kids. It has reached the level where there is a dire need to do something or your kids might be the next in the line to be the victim of this disease. It is also the point of worry that your child might be the one bullying others. You can never know what surprised your kids have in for you.


Yes, sexting is a thing now. What do you think they are doing on their mobile phones all the time playing with the keyboard, typing something? They are chatting with someone and sometimes it is not just a simple chat, it is something beyond that. When they find relationships through social media and they don’t get to meet those people, they usually get intimate with them through texting. This is called sexting because it included inappropriate content.

3.Sharing Personal Information

Children are innocent and they get so excited while making new friends that they unintentionally share a lot of information at once. This information can harm them and prove to be dangerous for them if gone in the wrong hands. Can you guarantee that the people with whom they are sharing information will not use that against them? No, you can’t.

4.Viruses and Malware

Kids don’t know what should they click on and whatnot. They might not evaluate the difference between a scam and trustworthy websites, apps, and further things. So,  one click can introduce virus or malware in the computer which might be hard to deal with. If you are monitoring, you can help them right away.


Your kid meets a lot of people every day, especially in school. So, you don’t know which person has good and which one has bad intentions. Some adults are always in the run for harassing innocent kids whereas there are their friends who might be grouping against your kids to harass or bully them. So, when they don’t return from school in the meantime, it might get you worried where they are and what they are doing. Location tracking can help you a lot with that.

6.Screen time

Do you think the only addiction there is, is drug addiction? No, internet addiction is also a thing and it has a similar effect as drug addiction. If your kids are too much attached to their mobile phones and don’t even turn them off during the night, it is time for you to manage their screen time. You should decide when they should and when they shouldn’t be using mobile phones for their safety.

7.Online Predators

There are people usually adults lurking around the internet looking for needy kids. Every kid wants attention and care, some of them also behave like they need attention. These predators look for such kids and use their insecurities to win their trust. Once done, they can use them to do anything which can be very dangerous for your kids.

With such threats and dangers, the internet is no longer the world of peace and entertainment. It has become a place where everyone needs to be well aware and attentive. It can become hard for the kids to comprehend this much that’s why you need to be with them.

Monitoring and Android Location Tracking Apps

If you have decided to monitor and track them, you might need a good app that could offer you everything that is required to help your kid. There are plenty of apps out there in the market that offers similar functions.

Among these apps, SecureTeen is the best parental control app that you can find with all the features that you require. It lets you manage their screen time, know their location, track their messages and calls, monitor their social media accounts, and much more. Now, you can deal with all that and much more by just installing one app. So, why wait further? Get your hands on this amazing app and get started.