Top 3 Ways to Have Fun with Teens This Weekend

Spending the weekend with teens is an ideal way to reconnect with them if you’ve been busy in your work lately and not giving them enough time as a result. There are so many things that you can plan to do together, and if you’re smart about it, you can even use the time together as an opportunity to teach your young ones a few important life lessons and skills. Here are a few fun weekend activities you can do with your youngsters.

1. Cook with Teens

If you are too tired to go outside with your kids, then you may stay indoors and plan a cooking session instead. You may cook or bake anything your kids, but don’t forget to involve them in the activity as well. Add a bit of flavor to the session by going for a themed cooking session like pizza night, Chinese night, pancake night, etc. The whole idea of cooking with teens is to spend some quality time with kids.

2. Go on a Long Walk or Plan a Picnic

Weekend is a good time for fostering healthy habits among teens without making them feel bored. How about taking your kids for a long walk? You can talk to them about their school life, friends, studies, future plans etc. along the way. You may also go for a picnic to a nearby park, beach, or any other picnic point in the evening. You can play outdoor games with kids in an open space. This will also increase your bonding.

3. Plan a Movie Night

Teens hate it when you start lecturing them on how to live life, stay healthy, remain safe, get good grades, stay away from drugs, etc., but this does not mean that you stop teaching them what they need to know. However, you can change the mode of teaching. A good and relatively less boring way of doing that is through educational films. Try to get your teen involved in the events on the screen and keeping pausing to hold discussions with the about certain actions or decisions. If there is something you feel your kid may not have understood in its actual context, take your time to explain it to them. Finding a good movie which you can watch with teens can be tricky but the effort is worth it.

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