New Year’s Resolutions Ideas Parents Can Share with Their Teens

New year is the best time to set goals for yourself. What good teens can expect from a new year if it is not backed by a strong resolution? Certainly, every parent would want to see a positive, better change in their teen’s life.

Most of the teens do consider making new year resolutions because they want to see the best out of them. Who wouldn’t want to improve for better? Resolutions can help teens become the person they’ve always wanted to be. And, being ardent parents, you can certainly help them out to pick the right resolution for themselves! Allow them to set goals and achieve them at their own pace.

Here are a few new year’s resolutions for teens that parents might want to share with them and ask them to try.

Stay Fit

With an undeniable increase in the intake of junk and unhealthy food, lots of teens are gaining weight and becoming out of shape. As a result of which, they look unfit and become victims of weight stigma. As a parent, you can advise them to make ‘staying fit’ a priority in their new year’s resolutions check-list. Maintaining a healthy weight and achieving some level of physical fitness will always lead them to positive results. Motivate your teens to get fit and achieve a healthy weight. They will not only look good but also feel better. Encourage them to work out at home, go to a nearby gym, or play a sport and then make sure they stay committed to their exercise plan. You can also accompany them on this schedule.

Save Money

Teens should have concern for their parent’s hard-earned money. They should manage their spending within the allotted budget and also develop saving habits. While parents keep a record of their mindless purchases, teens can take this as an opportunity to improve their spending habits. This is the right time to develop a habit of saving money because when they become grown-ups, they will be able to properly maintain their financial budget.

Earn Good Grades

Make your teens realize how earning good grades can affect their career goals. This new year’s resolution idea should be on every teen’s checklist as it is directly associated with their future objectives. Some kids might not be able to identify areas for improvement but parents can help them by facilitating the problem-solving process. They can ask them questions to know which areas need to be improved. You can help them break their assignments and projects into steps and create a proper work schedule for them.

Socialize with People

Teens fantasize the idea of getting popular and likable in their social circles. Well, who wouldn’t? It gives a good feeling when someone likes and appreciates you. Your teen can pick socializing as his or her new year resolution. This will boost their confidence and allow them to live as a free spirit. As a parent, you can always encourage them to make new friends and meet new people.

Try Something New

Has your teen always wanted to play the guitar? Write a book? Become an actor? Play a new sport? If there’s something your teen has always wanted to try or learn then you should definitely help them in making it happen! Encourage your teen to do it as a new year’s resolution and allow them to follow their dreams. This year could be the best time for them to try or learn something new. Who knows they might pick a career for themselves during this talent hunt game?

Learn to Give

All relationships require give and take. You cannot expect to receive something from someone if you don’t offer on your own to them. It is not bad to be ‘self-centered’ and think only of yourself. However, thinking about others and giving them something is also considerate – especially if you’re giving to the less fortunate. For instance, you can promise to donate few bucks every month to a charity house or plan to spend some quality time with underprivileged people. This way you will feel a lot better. 

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