Making family museum visit fun for teens

It’s time for some outdoor fun! When you make a list of outdoor family activities, do not forget to include a trip to your local museum. This may sound like no fun to the children, but it’s up to the parents to make such trips part of family fun activities. This way children will get to learn while having a fun time and have an opportunity to bond with the family. However, dragging teen kids away from their gadgets to a museum will require creativity on the part of parents. Here are some of the ideas which may come handy for parents:

Create a buzz at home

Do not expect your teens to jump with excitement at the announcement of a museum trip. Instead, create an atmosphere of anticipation in the house by talking about different historical facts in the areas that interest your teens. Suppose your kid is crazy about music, you can indulge in different musical instruments in the past and how they have evolved with time. If it's fashion, you can tell them about traditional dresses of the world and how they are different. And a day before the trip, tell them how much they can learn about their passion through history exhibited in the museum.

Conduct some research

Kids these days have all the information of the world available to them on the click of a button. Parents would have to do their research to stay abreast with modern knowledge and how they can make a connection with history. Only by doing so will they be able to create an interest in their teens and convince them to accompany their families to the museum.

Connect through online social media

Well, posting pictures on social media profiles is a craze for the young and old. If your teens happen to be passionate about photography, then the museum of art would be a place that will interest your child. Your teen can click away as many pictures as they like and share them with their friends online.

At the museum

You may have been successful in getting your teen to the museum. Now the big question is how to keep your kid interested in exploring around? Parents have to remember that it’s not their day. The purpose of this visit is to educate your kids through fun. Therefore, pressure is out of question. Let them move around at their pace, observing and absorbing the history around them. If you see them getting restless, immediately take them to another section of the museum.

Follow your teen

If you see your child taking a keen interest in the art and history around them, then let them take the lead. Ask them open ended questions, so that it triggers their imagination and let them do the talking.

Back home

You can help your teen create a digital album of pictures they have taken at the museum. You can also tag and comment on the pictures they upload on their profiles online. This way you can make the trip pretty exciting for your teen.

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