How your teens can become better writers

Writing might have gone digital but that does not necessarily mean that its significance has lessened over the years. On the contrary, the Internet, is always on the lookout for quality writers who can provide its massive readership with new information and perspectives on a daily basis. Be it reviewing high-tech gadgets for a technology website, writing a collection of short stories/poems or simply blogging your opinions on social media, writing plays a crucial role in developing  an individual’s analytical skills. Writing also helps you organize your thoughts more effectively. However, like all skills this one is no different. Writing requires countless hours of practice. Given its long list of pros, it is certainly a skill worth acquiring.  Using the tips given below,  parents can encourage their adolescents to polish their writing skills:

Practice makes perfect

Creative writing tips from established authors often contain this single piece of advice: practice writing. The notion of “practice makes perfect” does not just work for writing but for all disciplines of life. The more basketball a player will play or the more music a musician will make,  the better he or she is bound to get at his/her job. Thus the key to becoming a great writer is to write, write and write. Hence, the parents need to encourage their teens to write as often as they can.

‘ROL’ (Read out loud)

It is time to replace the proverbial ‘lol’ with ‘rol’ and for good reason. Experts are of the view that reading something out loud is a good way of understanding the flow of words. This does not necessarily mean to read to an audience. In fact, research proves that most bestselling authors read to themselves in their heads. The exercise, basically, gives one a feel of what their written words sound like to their readers. Furthermore, it will also help teenage writers narrow down grammatical errors which they might miss otherwise. Creative writing tips for teenagers include helping them get a better idea of their craft objectively. 

Dig deep

We live in the information age. Conducting research for a topic or simply looking up works of great authors can be fun. Not only that, it adds to your teen’s knowledge and can help inspire him/her in many ways. Research won’t just give your teens fresh perspectives but also help them develop a writing style of their own.

Parents should encourage their teens to write about whatever interests them. Not just that, parents should also let their kids read whatever they like; be it comic books or science fiction stories. Reading and writing  will help bring out the writer within your  teen. You never know you might just find the next Tolkien in your household.


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