How to get your child excited about sports

With the onslaught of fancy smartphones and video game consoles, more and more teens are opting to spend their time glued to their gadgets. As a result, children hardly get any physical exercise which is crucial for their mental and physical growth. If your  teens are tech-freaks who spend a good chunk of their time buried in cell phones and video games then there is a high likelihood that they are missing out on some much needed physical activity. Sports for teenagers can include anything from team sports like soccer or football to those that require athleticism, like tennis or track & field.

Given the large variety of sports, your adolescent is bound to develop an interest in at least one. This will not only help your teen build new friendships in the process but also teach him/her the importance of team work. Take soccer for instance, your teen can learn a lot of life lessons from soccer on the field. Here’s what you can do to encourage your adolescents to put down their tablets and get dirty on the field:

Get Involved

Research proves that most teens are afraid of playing sports because they fear being ridiculed by their friends and siblings, in case they lose. Experts believe that if parents get involved in the game themselves, they can help their  kids overcome feelings of fear and embarrassment. This will also help improve parent-child relationship.

Forget the scorecard

In a  survey conducted recently, it was revealed that teens were constantly under pressure to score during the game. While competition is an important  part of sports it, the fear of losing should not prevent one from participating. Parents should let their teens enjoy the sport and focus on the fun factor instead of keeping a record of the touchdowns scored by their kid.

Let teens strategize

Teens constantly cite difficulty understanding instructions from their coaches . This causes them to lose focus during the game by getting overwhelmed by the opposition. Experts are of the view that teens should be given a chance to formulate their own tactics in practice matches. Trusting a teen not only develops his confidence but also helps reveal the leadership skills hidden inside him.

It is recommended that you prepare a list of interesting sports to play with your kids. Try out all of them at least once until you find the one your kid enjoys the most.

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