How Parents Can Help Teens Survive High School

Life can suddenly seem very complicated to teens once they step into high school, and understandably so. The place is a social jungle, with things like comparisons, peer pressure, social and academic expectations, and pursuit of perfection being a commonplace. It can all be quite overwhelming for your children, though you’re still unlikely to find them coming to you for help. Aware of what your young ones may be dealing with at school despite them being silent about it, you need to help them look after themselves in the wilderness. Teaching them how to survive high school is crucial to ensure their healthy development.

Smart is safe

Being young, confused and naïve, teens aren’t known for their ability to read situations well and make sensible choices. This leaves them highly susceptible to the influence of their peers which, as well all know, often turns out to be negative. You can help your teens resist peer pressure and act smartly by teaching them mastery over social situations. Help them think more critically and make decisions accordingly without making a compromise on their health, safety and future in general. Being able to think and act smartly can make their endeavor of surviving high school significantly easier.

The pursuit of acceptance

Pretty much every teen has an instinct or uncontrollable desire to search for their “tribe” in high school. Finding and becoming part of that group makes them feel like they belong. However, sometimes they end up getting too desperate and end up losing sense of their originality and individuality while trying to gain acceptance. In order to prevent them from happening, nurture your teen’s self-esteem. The more they believe in themselves, the less likely it is for them to make regretful choices out of sheer desperation.

Doing the right thing

Teaching family values and empathy to kids aren’t just crucial for their healthy development, but can also help them in surviving their high school years. You need to model both the things in order to instill them into your young ones and make it second-nature for them. This will encourage them from staying away from inappropriate behavior in school and refrain from feeling good about themselves at the expense of others.

The stepping stone to success

High school is the stepping stone for future studies. Make sure that your teen understands this and gives this fact due importance. Remind them about the importance of graduating from high school and the role it plays in getting them closer to their dream career and hence desirable future.

Reality versus perception

You should help your teens understand the difference between reality and perception, and how the latter is of little substance. Make them realize that they can’t possibly please everyone, which may lead to certain people developing a sour opinion about them. Convince them to not let these opinions take a toll on their happiness and satisfaction level.

The high school period plays a crucial part in teens’ development, often setting a tone for their future. Regardless of how actively you try to help your young ones out during this period, you cannot go beyond a certain limit. Sooner or later, they get behind the steering wheel. Just trust your teen to make the right choices when such a time arrives.

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