Helping Your Teens Develop an Interest in Reading

It may be quite easier for parents to instill the love of reading especially in toddlers and young teens. However, as children grow up and step into adulthood, they start losing interest in reading as it no longer remains fun for them.

They start considering reading as work rather than seeking pleasure from it. When this happens, teens stop reading for pleasure. In order to lure teens back to the world of books and reading for that matter, here are some essential tips for parents to consider.

Read YA Books

The majority of the YA books that come out every year grapple with issues like peer pressure, romantic desire, coping with grief and facing trouble at home or school. Teens tend to gravitate towards the YA genre because they find these issues highly relatable. It is always a good idea to make your teens read the latest YA books, particularly of their interest.  

Watch Book-to-Film Adaptations

The movie industry is now picking up books from the teen literature and adapting them into movies. The best way to make your teen start taking an interest in reading is to tell them about the books whose movie adaptions are soon coming out. Ask them to read the books first and then make them watch their movie adaptations so you can discuss the similarities and differences between the two with them.

Get Hands on Graphic Novels

Gone are the days when graphic novels were considered as comic books. Graphic novels are now pretty much a part of contemporary literature and are being regarded as one of the most popular genres in today’s time. Available in a wide range of genres to suit your teen’s taste, graphic novels can become the key to getting your teens hooked on the books.

Try Audio Books

There are a number of people who enjoy listening to audio versions of the books. Chances are, your teen may be one of them. Ask your teen to get an audiobook so he/she could listen to it on their way to home or school. See if their interest develops. If they happen to like listening to the audiobooks, there is a possibility they might want to read its paperback as well.

Be a Reading Role Model

Parents can be a reading role model for their teens. Before asking your teens to read, make sure you read the books yourself. Read books at home, especially when the teens can see you. You can also talk to your teens about the books you’re currently reading and then express your joy in reading them. You should always try to send your teen a message that reading is a thing of joy and that you regard it as a pleasure, not some chore.

Keep Books Around

Children who grow up with lots of books around tend to develop a reading habit. You should install bookshelves in your home or have a separate room for books, a home library, where your teens can spend more time around books. With dedicated space for reading at home, your teens would feel more inclined towards reading books.


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