Help Teens Manage College Finances through Skills Learnt at Home

Getting a college degree is not an easy task, especially when the financial costs are too high. A loan might not cover the entire cost of the college education, which leaves the rest on parents or teens’ own ability to sustain. The former may not be fair to parents, while the latter cannot be achieved without parents’ support. Before sending them out in big bad world, parents should teach their teens independent living skills for teenagers. These skills can be utilized in the form of part time jobs that will help them make some bucks while studying in college. Following are some skills that parents can teach their teens before they leave their nest:


Teens may associate a needle and thread with mothers but once they are told about the job prospects this simple skill can open, they would want to give it a try. There are multitudes of laundries in a given place that are constantly on the lookout for employees who can sew. Some even pay more than minimum wage. This is one way of covering your expenses during your college years.


Teach your teen basic cooking and kitchen management skills. From dishwashers to trainee cooks, restaurants around the country have several part time jobs to offer. Although working in a restaurant kitchen is quite physically demanding, the rewards in the form of a steady wage and free food are also worth making an effort for.

Elderly care

There are several jobs advertised daily for personal care assistant for the elderly. If your teen has a habit of doing household chores and display sensitive attitude towards the elderly and the sick, then they have a chance at working in old homes. Newcomers are usually recruited as volunteers, who eventually become paid workers. The wages are better compared to other part time jobs and hours are flexible.

Pet care

Does your teen have a profound love for animals? Has he/she been taking care of pets at home and in the neighborhood? Then, these skills unknowingly learnt over time will benefit your teen in college. Usually during the summer vacations, paid and unpaid positions are available for animal lovers at veterinarian clinics, pet shops and zoological gardens. Teens with prior knowledge of animal care are welcomed to fill in the positions. Jobs, like assisting animal keepers and animal care managers, tour guides for school children, and cleaning and feeding are available.

Skill learning is not a matter of days. It is a slow and steady process that takes positive parenting to raise kids who are responsible and skilful enough to lead an independent life once they leave their nests. 

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