Cultivating the Love for Book Reading Among Youngsters

Books open our minds and give us wisdom, but this is something the new generation doesn’t seem to understand. Getting teens to read books is itself a great challenge as most of them consider it boring and wastage of time.

Here are some easy and simple way to developing teens’ interest in reading so that they don’t ignore such an important medium of knowledge.

Keep it Fun

Teens hate it when parents impose their likings on them. If you want to cultivate the love for reading among teens, then you must respect their liking and preferences. Avoid giving them books that are too boring for their age. Just think what type of books you wanted to read when you were in your teens. Keep the whole activity fun instead of making itseem like a punishment or an obligation.

Be a Good Reading Role Model for Your Kid

Asking teens to read books or bribing them with money is not a good way of developing book reading habit. Teens follow their parents, so for your kid to read books, you must first develop a habit of reading book yourself. Devote a fixed time, an hour maybe, before going to bed for reading classic literature or some of the most popular books. It will not only create a good example for young ones, but will also enhance your wisdom and knowledge.

Introduce Kids to Interesting Books on Regular Basis

Teens usually like romantic, action and comedy movies. Be sure to keep their taste in mind when buying books for them. The best option for you is to buy the book version of renowned movies like The Harry Potter Book Series, Lord of the Rings, and Twilight etc. Share any recent book you liked and talk about it after your kid is done reading it. Try to explore different genres instead of sticking to a single one in order to broaden your kid’s mind and imagination. Also make sure that the books you are sharing with your teen doesn’t contain any adult content.

It’s time to Visit Library

Visit a nearby library and pick up interesting books from teens corner. It is best to get teens their own library card so that they can get the books of their choice. Do not forget to teach kids how the library system works so that they can borrow a book on their own.

Use Technology to Build Kid’s Interest in Book Reading

Buy them a new laptop, a Kindle device or any other similar device for reading books online. Kids would definitely love this idea and it will also develop their interest in book reading.

Once your kids get used to reading books, they will automatically find them interesting as books have this power to captivate the mind and open awaken the slumbering creativity. Develop an atmosphere where everyone reads books and share them with each other. Make it a norm to read a few paragraphs from any famous book, any autobiography of a great person or any poem to the teens daily just to build their interest in book reading.

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