Craft and Art Projects For Teens

Teens are always looking for ways to show their creativity and to channelize their energy. So, if your kid feels bored or is looking for something new to do, then you may team up with him to create something unique and interesting. It will also help you to spend quality time with him, making your bond even stronger. Here are a few craft ideas for teens that do not involve expensive materials and are easy to start.

Glass Painting

Glass painting is one of the best art projects for teens, especially if they are good at painting and like to play with colors. It just requires a transparent glass of any size, painting brushes and glass paints. The glass paints are different from poster colors. These paints are mostly in the liquid state. You may buy crystalline and non-crystalline paints both. The difference between them is that crystalline paints create crystals on the glass, making the painting look more attractive, whereas non-crystalline color does not create crystals. You may ask the teen to draw something on a page or print it from the Internet, and then place a mirror on that page. This will make it easier for him to paint the given thing. These glass paintings can be used as decoration pieces at home.

Dry Arrangement

You may help the teen in creating a unique dry arrangement for his bedroom or for a dinner table. When it comes to dry arrangements, there are a lot of things you can choose from such as dried wheat or rice straw, dried grasses, dried flowers, etc. If you happen to visit a rural area at the time of harvest, you can easily get these straws. You also need to take spray paints in desired colors. Use thermocol sheet or any other hard material for fixing the straws together. Ask the teen to get ideas for creating a dry arrangement from the internet.

Beaded Jewelry

Teens generally like creating beaded jewelry as it is easy and fun to make. Take the teen with you for buying different beads of different shapes, sizes, and color. Also, buy bead wire and jewelry strings. Leave everything on the kid to let his creativity come out. Just lend him a helping hand whenever he needs it.

Handmade Cards

If your kid has extraordinary drawing and sketching skills or he loves to create new things, then handmade cards are also a good option. The good thing about handmade cards is that there is a lot of room for experiments. You can use colored charts, glace papers, crepe paper, ribbons, stickers, markers, paints and much more. They can later be sold in the local market for generating extra money or teens may give them to their friends on their birthdays and other special occasions.

Home Made Candles

Teens may also create candles at home by melting the wax and pouring it in any jar to give them the required shape. You may suggest that they add different scents and colors to make colorful candles. They can later be decorated with colorful ribbons. Candles make a perfect present for someone special and teens may also use them in their room.

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