Tackling aggressive teens through police - a real option?

As children grow up and enter teenage, they start to assert their independence. Identity crisis sets in as they begin to experience psychological and behavioral changes. This might seem peculiar to parents. Your child who once longed to be in your company does not want to be seen standing next to you. Everything parents say to their teens is met with an eye roll or a temper tantrum. This, according to parenting experts, is normal teen behavior – one that every parent should be prepared to handle.

There are a lot of dos and don'ts of dealing with rebellious and out of control teens. However, parents can be faced with an even bigger challenge- the challenge of raising an aggressive adolescent. A violent teen exhibits behavioral and emotional problems beyond those found in normal teenagers. They frequently indulge in rebellious acts and undertake risky actions. These activities include skipping school and shoplifting to going as far as drinking, doing drugs and harming one’s self. Furthermore, they may also show signs of depression, anxiety or eating disorders. Any type of violent behavior repeated over and over can be a sign of a serious underlying problem.  It is crucial for parents to take notice of such behavior and take concrete steps to control it. Help for parents with violent teenagers in the shape of police officers isn't an idea that should be shunned without consideration. 

Faced by the question: What to do with an out of control teenager, parents sometimes feel restricted by the options they have. This is especially true when parents completely rule out the possibility of involving the authorities. In a survey conducted recently, a majority of the parents admitted that they do not involve the police in controlling their violent teen because they feel that their children will never forgive them or that their children might be taken away from them. But generally speaking none of these fears are practically valid.

The fact of the matter is that the police are there to provide help to parents who have violent teenagers. They can help you discipline your adolescent to a very large extent. What parents need to consider is that if they have a violent teen that is physically abusive, destroys property or frequently breaks the law then he or she is not responding to their parental authority. Hence, there is a dire need of a higher form of influence, to which they might respond.

The sooner the parents involve the police, the better it will be, both, for them and for their child.  This problem of physical and verbal abuse is bound to get worse with time if effective steps are not taken to alter the adolescent’s violent behavior. 

 If your teen’s violent behavior is a problem now, chances are it will continue to be one later in life as well. Once a teen turns 18, he or she becomes an adult in legal terms. If their violent streak persists beyond that age it can have serious consequences, not just for them but also for others around them.

Contrary to popular belief and horror stories that parents might hear about seeking help from the police, truth is that authorities are very cooperative when it comes to handling cases of juvenile delinquency.  Hence, it is suggested that parents should not hesitate in consulting the police if they feel the need. This will only help you resolve your kid’s problem before it gets too late.

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