Juvenile Delinquency: How Society and Parents Can Help

Juvenile Delinquency is a serious threat for our society and our future as a nation. We cannot really blame any single person or authority for this problem. Parents, schools, society, local and federal government agencies are all somewhat responsible for youth crimes. So, instead of simply passing the buck, it’s better to accept the responsibility and collaborate on fighting the problem. We’ve got a few pointers on how to prevent juvenile delinquency, in case you plan on combating it as a parent and as a society.

Role of Society


Stand against Youth Violence

According to recent research studies, youth violence is one of the several causes of juvenile delinquency crimes. Teens who experience violence at a young age at home, in school, or any other place are more likely to commit a crime to take revenge or escape trouble. Every individual in the society should join hands to address, confront and counter youth violence. Start with your own house. If you or anyone in your family is involved in youth violence, then it’s time to stop it immediately. Also, look at your surroundings. The evil needs to be condemned before it eats the roots of our society.


Think beyond Social, Ethnic and Class Differences

There is a strong connection between youth crimes and social, ethnic and class differences. These are the differences that make teens feel inferior. They are unable to enjoy the trust, feeling of belongingness and empathy from society. The feeling that they are being rejected by a specific social group or class stirs rebellion in them. Frustrated over being rejected, they decide to teach everyone a lesson by going against the rules and breaking the laws. As parents and society, you need to be careful not to push teens down this path of destruction. Appreciate them for what there are, celebrate their difference, and accept their uniqueness. Refrain from being judgmental as it can never lead to anything good.


Role of Parents


Spend Quality Time with Teens

In many cases, teens are involved in criminal acts simply to gain attention which they failed to get from their family, especially their parents. They crave for their existence to be acknowledged. It’s extremely important that you take out time to sit down and have a conversation with your youngsters every day. Give them the attention they desire so that they don’t feel the need to go searching for it elsewhere.




Provide Guidance and Supervision

Increase in height or shoe size does not mean that teens are mature enough to deal with everything themselves. They still need your supervision and guidance at every step. Parents must always remain on a lookout for signs of stress and trouble in their youngsters’ life. Guide them when they do something wrong. Behavior like stealing, bullying etc. should be taken seriously as they can lead to serious crimes. Keep an eye on teens’ behavior with others. Also, be sure to remain in touch with his teachers so that you remain informed of how they behave in school.


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