Effects of Juvenile Delinquency on Teens and their Parents

Usually when a teen commits a small offense, people, especially parents, just show momentary disapproval and then forget about it. They just think of it as a one-time mistake made by a child who doesn’t really know what he’s doing, and that he must have learned his lesson and will not attempt the same thing again. However, quite often this doesn’t turn out to be the case. Failing to show due concern over a teen’s delinquent behavior and taking necessary measures to discourage it can have serious consequences not just for the teen, but also their parents.

Sinking into a Life of Crime

Ignoring a teen’s crime, be it a minor one, only serves to encourage them to repeat their behavior, which can eventually lead them into committing more crimes. As they continue to tread this path, they grow more confident in their ability to get away with anything and hence start raising the level of their criminal offenses.

Once they reach this stage, it becomes really difficult to pull them out of it and make them responsible and law-abiding citizens again. They always have this desire to commit crimes. The scale doesn’t matter. They just want to go out there and break the rules. It could be stealing something, drugs, arson, grand theft auto, or anything that helps them get their fill of thrill.

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

The parents of such teens suffer in this scenario as well because no matter how much they disapprove of their delinquent child’s actions, they are the ones who have to face the law enforcements. Furthermore, deep down they realize that their child turned out this way due to their failed parenting, a guilt that they have an extremely hard time shaking off.

They also have to live with the fact that their child is a criminal and have to bear the looks given to them by everyone else.

The worst part is, they can’t kick their child out because they are still underage and have to remain under the custody of their parents. It doesn’t matter how much children are making their parents suffer, they cannot do anything about it because they are bound to take care of them unless they reach the age of 18. It is not a smooth ride by any means but they have to live through it.

Delinquent Teens Become Selfish and Insensitive

One of the worst things that happen because of habitually committing crimes is that such teens stop caring about almost everything. They neither realize nor care that their actions are hurting so many people, including their own family. They become completely emotionless and just care about themselves. If something or someone serves them the right way, then they are all in for them, but if things or people are not in their favor, they completely disregard them.

Knowing all this, it’s extremely important that parents and even teachers for that matter should keep their eyes peeled to take notice of any delinquent tendencies shown by kids and address them immediately instead of dismissing them as an immature or one-time mistake. The very future of a child may depend on it.

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