How to Hack Messenger for The Safety of Your Teens?

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Facebook, including all other social media platforms, has been a point of discussion and debate for most of the experts and parents in the last few years. At first, it was introduced as a fun platform where people could connect and get entertained. But, over time, many things and cases were revealed about the credibility of Facebook regarding the threats and dangers it brings especially for the kids. Lack of privacy, cyberbullying, predations, and whatnot, there are tons of things that are hurting our children right now but we are mostly unaware of them.

It is not solely the fault of the platform that our kids use, but most parents also have brought this upon them. They think that it is safe for the kids to start using these things without any guidance because they are not kids anymore or maybe because they deserve the freedom that they asked for. This thought has brought many kids to dangers because they don’t know what to do without any guidance. Another forgotten threat of Facebook is its Messenger where most of the wrong acts take place. Monitoring Facebook Messenger is the need of the time and that’s why some concerned parents even want to know how to hack messenger.

Why is Facebook Messenger Dangerous?

Yes, it is very obvious that when your kid remains all-time glued to his/her phone, it is not at all healthy. But, even then, most of the parents tend to ignore it when they see their teens chatting on their phones all day and even at night as well. Suddenly, they lose interest in any activity that they used to enjoy, they don’t meet their friends that much let alone enjoying outdoor activities. This is when parents must start worrying about their kids. Sometimes, it is not about enjoyment, you might find your kid depressed and all sad because of some unknown reasons. Believe it or not, social media might be the reason behind everything nowadays.

If you know they have been using Facebook Messenger too much, you must also know what threats does it come with. Here are a few things that you must know about the Facebook Messenger:


Not any simpler addiction, but an addiction close to substance abuse. Yes, you read it right. Experts have concluded that the internet and social media addiction affects the brain similar to any other substance addiction. You can see it by yourself. You will not find them interested in their meals, TV, friends, outdoor activities, and even usual activities anymore. They will be detached from the real world, completely lost in their mobile phones because that’s what gets their attention now. This addiction can become as dangerous as it can be if you won’t control it.


You don’t think that your kid will develop relationships over social media? Then, you are mistaken. They join social media for the sole purpose of entertainment and making new friends. Among those friends, they can find the long lost attention that they used to seek all the time. This is where their fake relationships start and lead to something very dangerous for them. Soon, they are found indulged in sexting where they send inappropriate sexual stuff to each other to impress each other. But, as these fake relationships fade away, these things can be easily used against blackmailing and many other purposes.


Yes, it is true. Online predators are looking for kids like yours. They look at the kid's profiles to find out what their emotional and maturity levels are. Soon, as they fix their target, they reach out to the kids through Facebook Messenger. They come up as someone very sympathetic and nice so that the kids can share everything with them. Teens, who are already going through a difficult phase of their life, find no time in confiding in these strangers. Now, the main purpose of these strangers is to extract information from your kid that might be used against them later. They can even make your kids share their home address, phone number, and even credit card information.

Recently, many cases have been reported where the kids tried to commit suicide or do self-harming acts just because of something that has happened to them on social media. It might not be an important part of our lives, but social media has become an integral part of our kids’ lives, and being parents, we must not ignore it.

Tips for Parents to Protect their Teens

Being a parent is a big responsibility in itself, but we often avoid many things that lead to our and our kids’ demise. Social media is one of those things that we ignore often. We think it is safe for our kids where it is not. So, if you are a concerned parent, there are somethings that you can do to make sure you play your role in the protection of your teens:

  • Make some family rules where they shouldn’t be allowed to use mobile phones all the time. They must know that they have to put aside their phone when it is meal time, family time, or even bedtime. You must practice the same to be an example for them.
  • Talk to them about the possible dangers they can face over social media. Tell them about how dangerous it can be and when they should seek help instead of keeping on bearing it. They must be encouraged to talk to you about anything not to run away from you when the problem arises.
  • If you are concerned about how to hack Messenger to keep an eye on your kids, you can use parental control apps to do that. SecureTeen is one of the best parental control app that allows you to look over their social media activities along with other things like their call and messages logs. You can also manage their screen time remotely through this app. So, install it and enjoy it.

Parenting is hard, but it can be made smart by doing smart things and applying smart rules. Protecting your teen is a necessity but it must not cost you the relationship you have with them. So keep them close and connected.