Some Safety Tips for Teens Living with an Alcoholic Parent

Parental alcoholism can have dire consequences on teens physiological and psychological wellbeing. Children living under the influence of alcoholic parents tend to perform poorly in their school and as a result, they lack confidence and focus that is needed in adulthood.

The majority of teens do not know how to cope with alcoholic parents. Living with parents who drink all day and night is nothing but a dilemma for them. Teens waver between wanting to help their parents and wanting to escape from the situation. There are days when they feel sorry for their alcoholic parents and then there are also days when they never want to see them again.

Parents who are high on alcohol are often seen beating up their kids or simply yelling at them for no reason. Physical and verbal abuse can leave devastating effects on teens’ growth and development.

In light of such critical situation, teens should follow some basic safety tips in order to keep themselves safe from alcoholic parents. Remember, you can help your alcoholic parents without giving up your childhood or sacrificing your future. If you are a teenager who is having a difficult time coping with an alcoholic parent, the following safety steps should definitely help you out:

Admit It

The first essential step towards dealing with an alcoholic parent is to admit that your parent has a drinking problem. Even if the parent is not being able to admit their addiction, you always can. The sooner you admit your parent is having a drinking problem, the sooner you will be able to seek help from someone.

Teens can reach out to a friend, counselor, teacher, coach, or any person they fully trust. It is helpful when you tell someone you trust about your parent’s drinking problem. Staying quiet about the situation won’t help your parents; it will only worsen the situation.

Get Help

Once you have told someone about your parent’s drinking problem, you should get help or support. Most schools offer a support program; therefore, teens can reach out to the officers involved and inform them about the situation they’re facing at home.

It may not always be possible to force your parents to get help from authorities, but you can get support for yourself. You can also inform your parents about your decision of getting help from someone and encourage them to do the same.

Above everything else, you need to realize it’s not your fault if your parents have a drinking problem or if the problem still persists despite getting help. Teens are not responsible for their parents’ actions neither they can do anything to control them.

Be Safe

Most parents tend to become violent and abusive while they’re drunk. They hurt verbal abuses at their kids and even beat them at times in an inebriated state. This sort of behaviour can be extremely dangerous for children.  

Remember that allowing this critical situation to continue is not going to be helpful for anyone involved. If your parents hurt you physically or emotionally while being drunk, you should immediately run over to a family member, relative or trusted friend. Inform them about your current situation and discuss potential solutions that can keep you safe.  


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