Why Is It Easier to Date Your Best Friend? Here Are Some Reasons

It would be difficult to assume that you don’t have a BFF in your life. You’re so close to your best friend that any other person would easily believe you two are in a relationship. You may shun the idea by saying, ‘Oh, he’s just my friend!’ and then completely friend-zone your best friend, throwing away all the aspects of love out of the window.

It may be a bit intimidating to date your best friend but it can also be one of the best decisions of your life. It takes time to build and sustain friendship with someone because it involves a lot of thought process. You won’t just give away the other half of your ‘Best Friends’ necklace to just anyone. However, if you plan on dating your best friend and forming a romantic relationship with them, then this could be a perfect deal for you. When you have found a romantic partner in your best friend, you can surely have the best of both worlds. You would have only person in your life who will perfectly fit in both the roles.

You can share a laugh with your best friend, share your happiness and sorrows, and also cuddle with the same person. The idea of dating your best friend may seem a bit odd in the beginning because you have not seen them as someone else except for a best friend. However, once you are in a relationship with them, you realize you were only wasting time looking for other partners when the key to true happiness was right in front of you the entire time. It only takes time to realize your mistake. Having said that, you should never regret the romantic misadventures you’ve had in your past before you moved on to date your best friend because you won’t recognize the right person if you haven’t dated a wrong one in the past.

Though there are countless perks of dating your best friend, we’ve made sure to highlight few of them down below:

Your Family Knows Them

The fact that he/she has been your best friend for so many years, your family, especially your parents, would have met them countless of times. Most people feel stressful when they’re about to introduce their dates to their parents for the first time but when you’re dating your best friend, the stress automatically disappears into the thin air. Parents would not really need to seek help from monitoring solutions like SecureTeen and track their children when they know they are in safe hands.  

First Date Already Happened

When you’re dating your best friend, you would not have to worry about your first date and all the problems and awkwardness associated with. You will easily move past the ‘getting to know’ him part because you are already familiar with your date. Though you would not have had a proper date with them because previously it would only have been a friendly meeting. The amount of ease you feel when you’re around them is unparalleled, which you would not likely experience with a new person.

Familiar with Past Relationships

One of the best things about dating your best friend is that they already are familiar with your past relationships and know why both of you couldn’t work out with anyone else. You would probably know what went wrong with your best friend’s previous relationship and he/she would know the same about you. There is no awkwardness between the two of you when the topic of your ex is brought on the table. In fact, you talk about it in a casual way, without getting disturbed. Moreover, the positive spin is that you know what doesn’t work in a romantic relationship with the other person, therefore you’d probably want to stay away from the factors that can ruin your relationship.

Have A Lot in Common

You are still friends with your best friend because you have a lot in common with them. You share a lot of interests with them and bond over so many things otherwise, he/she wouldn’t have been your best friend. It will be easier to plan the dates with them because you’d already know what the other person wants.

Aware of Bad Habits

Your best friend is fully aware of your bad habits – this is also one of the perks of dating your BFF. You won’t need to fret wondering if one of your bad habits could turn off your partner because you already know he/she accepts you the way you are. She would know if you smoke a number of times a day. On the other hand, he would know you have a terrible nail-biting habit. Despite knowing everything, your BFF accepts your flaws and never complains about them. Nothing seems better than being with someone who knows what kind of person you are and who also accepts you for you. It is such a beautiful feeling.

Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Your best friend makes you feel good about yourself. If they didn’t, you would never plan on dating them. You would first think of them when you wake up in the morning and then send over a text message or drop a voice message. You would automatically feel elevated whenever your BFF is around you because their presence lifts up your spirits. That’s the magical spell they have on you.

All in all, you can be you when you’re dating and hanging out with your best friend. You don’t need to act pretentious in order to woo them because they’re already aware of your personality. They would never want you to change because they are happy with the way you are.


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