Dating Tips for a Single Mother of Teens

The best thing about life is that it goes on despite hardships, broken relationships, death of partner, divorce, etc. These events surely affect us for some time, but we eventually start enjoying life once again. If you feel alone after losing your partner to death or getting divorced, then it’s time to let go of the past and think about the future. Here is a single mother dating advice you must follow in order to find a partner you deserve and a father figure your kids need.

Keep it Slow

Single parenting sure is a challenge and you probably constantly feel the urge to get help in the form of a partner. However, do not rush into the relationship. Keep it slow instead of taking the decision after just one or two dates. It’s difficult to get to know a person within a few weeks or a month. If you rush things, chances are you may end up marrying the wrong person, which is something neither you nor your kids can afford after already having gone through the painful experience once.

Be Honest With Your Date

Single mothers usually find it difficult to find a good and cooperative guy as most of the men are not ready to take the responsibilities of kids, but this does not mean that you start lying to your date. Share everything your date needs to know before starting a serious relationship with you.

Go For “What if” Discussion with Teens

Some mothers find it awkward talking about their dates or marriage with their kids especially with teens. This is something you have to do sooner or later, so it’s better to do it right away. Start an informal conversation with kids and then ask questions like “What if I start dating”, “How will you feel if John’s kids spends the weekend with us”, “What if I get engaged with John”, etc. Carefully observe the reaction of teens and ask them to share their concerns. This will give you an idea about whether teens are ready to share you with someone and accept someone as a father, or if they still need time to overcome the past.

Introduce Teens to Your Date

Teens must be told that you are dating so that they would not feel shocked after coming to know about this new relationship of yours. Most of the single mothers do not let their dates meet the kids as they are unsure about how kids would react to the whole situation. This is not something you should do. If you are sure that this is the person you want to spend the rest of the life with, then its best to introduce him to teens. You may consider bringing your teens along while going for coffee with your date, or you may invite him over for dinner on a weekend. This will allow your date to get to know your kids. Sometimes things do not go as planned so it’s best to be mentally prepared for the worst possible scenario as teens may misbehave in front of your date or talk to him rudely. In situations like these, it’s best not to overreact or scold the child in front of your date. Cool your teen down as patiently and politely as you can. You can excuse your date about the behavior of your kids afterward.

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