Are parents aware of heartaches and joys of teenage relationship?

Many adolescents go through vulnerable time often experiencing their first feelings of love. Despite the lack of responsibility in them, teenage relationships have a lot of problems due to immaturity of its participants. Parents need to know about these problems so they can help their teens overcome the challenges of a relationship, give them teenage dating advice and at the same time ensure that they don’t harm themselves in some way, consciously or unconsciously.


Every so often, teens have difficulty differentiating between infatuation and real love. Even if there are feelings of love, it is hard for teens to handle a relationship due to immaturity. Many teens put their education, career and family at stake just to stick to their impulsive and immature decisions. Many are unable to handle the emotional trauma and depression that a relationship inevitably brings with it.


Although it is often unconscious, teens are influenced by movies and love stories. They often feel pressured to do something special to prove their love for their partner.


Teens get physically close to their partners out of curiosity. They often lack complete knowledge and get intimate with their partners.

How teen relationships affect education

Education and grades are most affected during teenage dating and relationships. Teen love wreaks havoc on discipline and grades of a teenager. It is important that teens understand the importance of education in their life and enjoy their relationship along with it rather than above it.

Time management

It is highly likely for teens to manage the time and prioritize everything in their life. They tend to invest a greater amount of time on their relationship rather than on more important things like education and grades.

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