A Single Mom’s Guide to Dating Without Making Teen Feel Awkward

When you’re a single mom living with a teen child, getting back into the dating game can be quite an ordeal. There’re just so many things that you need to take into perspective, like how your kid would react to your pursuit of romance and whether their disapproval would get in the way. Challenging as the endeavor may seem, there’s absolutely no reason to shy away from undertaking it. Just be mindful of a few things to keep your quest for love from becoming awkward or hurtful for your teen.

Ask Your Teen for an Opinion and Advice

Although you’re far more experienced in life and understand the matters of love better than your teen, there’s absolutely no harm in asking for their opinion on things like the clothes you should wear, your hairstyle, the best place to eat at, and other such stuff. It would make your teen feel involved and important in your life, plus make them happy that you value their opinion. If you’re asking your son for help, it’s bound to make them feel like they’re the man of the house, which they truly are, and if you’re consulting your daughter, then she’d be glad that you acknowledge and respect her fashion sense and advice regarding different factors pertaining to romance and dating.

Teen’s Teachers and Friends’ Dads are Strictly Off-Limits

Look for a potential partner anywhere you want, but make sure you’re staying clear of the men who your teen is going to instantly disapprove of, namely their teacher or friend’s dad. Your looking in this direction for love would not only make them gag, but would also put them in an awkward situation when you bring your date home or take your teen along to meet them. Although your teen would love to see you happy and wouldn’t want to complicate things for you, it just won’t be easy for them to digest the fact that their teacher or friend’s dad is romancing their mom. In case it’s their friend’s dad, it may even lead to a rift between them and their friend.

Keep Your Teen Updated

Remember to keep your teen updated about the status of your relationship every step of the way so that they’re mentally prepared for the possible incoming changes. If you have discovered someone with whom you’re expecting a serious relationship, be sure to talk to your teen about it and explain why you’re so optimistic about the current relationship. If they’ve got something to say, hear them out with an open mind and don’t just dismiss their apprehensions as childish or unnecessary. Even if they’re being irrational, try to get to the root of the problem rather than simply reacting harshly to the symptoms. Just stay calm and patient. Everything will work out great in the end.

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