Top Movies That Will Make Your Teens Aware of Cyberbullying

Believe it or not, since many years, pop culture and media has been in the business of influencing audience especially teenagers by showing them movies/TV shows about certain topics that leave a great deal of impact on them. 

Evidently, movies are made and watched for the sake of entertainment but they are also made to put forth a social message which sometimes is difficult to convey in any other form whatsoever. Since movies impact a larger audience, therefore parents also seek help from them when they want to make their children understand about a particular topic. For instance, when parents want to open a discussion about a sensitive topic such as bullying or more specifically, cyberbullying, they would want their children to see movies based on cyberbullying because movies are the best platform for their children to relate to. Since most of the children are complete movie aficionados, it’s better to teach them about a topic via this platform.

We have listed down top 3 movies that are based on cyberbullying. Not only these movies make your children more aware of this social crime but also tell them the effects it can have on them as well as how it can be dealt altogether.

Cyberbully (2011)

Aired on teen-targeted ABC family back in 2011, this movie revolves around a teen girl named Taylor Hillridge who, after getting a laptop on her birthday, readily joins a social network similar to Facebook. Cyberbullying starts when her brother hacks her account and spreads negative posts about her. Following his footsteps, her school friends also begin to add negative comments about her. While all this chaotic mess, she also meets a boy online who also ends up creating a grapevine buzz on the same social networking website. The whole situation leads Taylor to decide about committing suicide but her friend eventually intervenes and stops her. Later, she joins a support group to stabilize her condition. Meanwhile, her mother fights for legislature against cyberbullying and finally wins.

This movie showcases the whole process of cyberbullying in the best way possible. From receiving online threats to making the teen feel helpless enough to commit suicide, this movie gives out a proper demonstration of cyberbullying. Moreover, it also teaches ways to get out of this trouble. A must-watch for every teen out there.

Odd Girl Out

This follow follows the story of an eighth-grade student, Vanessa who joins as a new member of a popular group but is soon critiqued for getting close to a boy who her friend has a crush on. Later, all her friends start spreading rumors about her and this leads to cyberbullying. The same group ends up creating a website about Vanessa to ridicule her and spread more rumors about her. The situation escalates to such an extent that Vanessa is forced to attempt suicide and is rushed to the hospital. When her mother finds instant messages on Vanessa’s device from the cyber bullies, she decides to turn them into the school, as a result of which the school creates a strict policy against cyberbullying. When Vanessa’s condition stabilizes, her mother teaches her to be strong and fight against bullying because as a child she had also been through the same and fought against bullies. 

This movie teaches you to be strong enough to fight back cyberbullies. It makes teens understand that no matter how hard the situation is, they should never let bullies walk all over them and courageously fight against them. 

Cyberbully (2015)

Having the same name as the ABC Family movie, this movie was released as a British television movie in 2015. It’s the story of a British teen girl named Casey who is forced by an online hacker to follow his commands and if she refuses, he would leak compromising photos of her to everyone.

The hacker reveals a whole lot of stuff in front of her – from posting content online that reveals her other friends’ secrets to showing screenshots of her other web activity to insisting that the suicide of a celebrity had been caused due to a comment made by Casey online. He does all of this to prove Casey that she is the real cyberbully herself. Urging her to accept the fact and confess the truth, he wants her to apologize and then also commit suicide for all her wrong deeds. Eventually, Casey signs off, realizing that her family and friends won’t blame her for anything wrong that she had done. However, she does become emotional and repents for all the mistakes she’d done in the past.

The reason for including this movie in this list is that makes a cyberbully realize about his/her mistakes which they completely ignore while committing them. Without realizing the effect their words or actions would have on another person, they continue passing insulting remarks. This movie also shows how perils of social isolation can change a person’s thought process as well as their emotions.  


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