Private Company Stands up to Cyberbullying

“The New World Order is nigh” and “Corporations would rule the future world” are two of the most common phrases used by American activists to shake their countrymen out of their deep slumber. Such suspicions are not born entirely out of hallucinations and carry some truth to them. It is also true that not all companies are as bad or ruthless as is generally believed.

For instance, take the example of a company that goes by the name of Amber Child Safety. It specializes in selling digital monitoring and safety tools to help protect children.

Recently this company enlisted the services of cyberbullying experts, child psychologists and educationists and formed the Cyberbully Task Force to find solutions to cyberbullying.

This initiative by a private company is important due to many reasons. Some are discussed here:

Reality in Numbers

Children who are victims of cyberbullying are a picture of total devastation. By looking at them one cannot help but wonder about the dangers associated with cyberbullying.

The digital generation has to face cyberbullying on a daily basis because when you are connected with each other via technology 24/7, there isn’t really another way in which to dodge online bullying.

A recent study conducted by Pew Internet Research mentioned that around 78 percent of teenagers own mobile phones which expose them further to relentless online bullying.

The study was conducted on a target group of 802 teens (ages 12-17) and their parents.

The study further stated that one in four teens are “cell-mostly” internet users who use their mobile phones to log in to the virtual world.

Another interesting fact shared in the study is that one in four teens (23%) has a tablet computer. The percentage is almost the same as that of the adult population that owns a tablet.

Teenagers in the US have easy mobile access to the internet, which brings us to the following statistics.

74% of teenagers (12-17) say they have access to the internet on their mobile devices.
Older girls are more likely to be cell-mostly users. Teenage girls between ages 14-17 said they usually go online by using their cell phone, compared with 24% of boys belonging to the same age group.
Among older teen girls who use smartphones, 55% said they went online from their mobile phones.

Along Comes a Savior

While looking for ways as to how to prevent cyberbullying, Amber Childcare Safety voiced its concern about the growing incidents of cyberbullying.

The Cyberbully Task Force designed by the company has managed to create downloadable toolkit, called Cyberbully Savvy, which offers genuine advice to help parents and teachers to defeat cyberbullying.

In an attempt to raise awareness about the issue, the company has decided to donate $1 for every download of the kit to charities that fight online bullying.

Much still needs to be done to address the cyberbullying problem in the best possible way. Finding noble people carrying out noble deeds is not hard to find once you start looking around. The involvement of private firms in the fight against bullying is nothing less than a great change.

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