How to Deal with the Curse of Cyberbullying

Even though internet is arguably one of the best things that ever happened to human race, it has introduced its fair share of problems, with cybercrimes and cyberbullying in particular being the most notable of them. There is plenty of material available online to guide parents on how to prevent cyberbullying, but unfortunately, it often goes ignored. It is important to take the matter seriously and learn whatever is possible to combat the menace purposefully.

Guide for Parents

As per cyberbullying facts gathered through different studies and surveys, 43% of the kids have experienced cyberbullying, with most of them having faced the issue more than once. In a study, it was revealed that 20% of the teens became target of cyberbullying on daily basis. You would most certainly want to protect your children from the threats found on the internet. Since some of you may not be as tech savvy as the dangerous criminals lurking behind the digital world, or sometimes even your own kids, here is a guide for you that will help you get started.

Be open about it: Hiding the evil image of bullies from kids will do them no benefit. Parents must tell kids about bullies and how they use internet for exploiting and teasing people so that they may prepare themselves mentally to deal with such a situation.

Be there for him: Be there for kids no matter what. If they make a mistake, do not react to it harshly. Kids learn a lot from mistakes. So see mistakes as a way of learning. Be as understanding and supportive as possible. This will increase bonding between you and your kids and they will come to you whenever they are facing a problem.

Take Legal Help: Never hesitate taking help from legal authorities, especially if the bully is dealing or threatening serious harm to the kid and the kid is losing his confidence. There are several departments made for this purpose.

Guide for Victims

Tell parents immediately: Kids must trust parents when it comes to cyberbullying. Sometimes, kids think that their parents will be mad at them for adding an unknown person on social media. Kids must remember that parents love them and are worried about their well-being. They may show anger at first, but they will never leave you alone in this situation. So, if any person tries to bully you by sending you inappropriate messages and emails, sharing your personal pictures, leaving negative comments on your posts etc. then simply record those messages and show them to your parents. Rest assured, your parents will take care of everything.

Do not do anything stupid: Sometimes kids make the mistake of giving in to the provocation and replying to bullies in the same inappropriate language, thus making the situation even worse. The best way to deal with bullies is to ignore them. Bullies always look for a reaction from the victim in order to keep teasing them. Do not give them the satisfaction that they are successfully getting under your skin, as it would only encourage them to keep on targeting you.

Do not panic: Staying at home, losing interest in studies, spending time alone, deactivating social media accounts etc. will not resolve the problem. So there is no need to panic or stress out. Although it’s natural to become worried in the start, you should not let yourself stay in this phase for long. Why worry when you have parents to love and protect you?

Parents must help kids and kids must trust parents when dealing with a cyberbullying. Only through collaborative efforts can this problem of endemic proportions be effectively dealt with.

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