How Can Parents Help Their Children Deal with Cyberbullying?

The internet is easily available to everyone these days. While some people are using this space for betterment and for good reasons, there are some people who are misusing the internet. Several online threats, most popularly among them cyberbullying, has become common on the internet.

There was a time when parents used to get concerned about their child’s safety outside of homes but even at home, their child is not safe, especially if he/she is using the internet. Parents may never know what their child is going through when they’re online or in what activities they have engaged themselves.

If you ever see your child expressing anger or becoming increasingly anxious after spending time on the internet, chances are he/she is being cyberbullied.

What is Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying refers to someone bullying another person online. This online threat has become a burning issue both for parents as well as teachers. These days children are seen spending a huge chunk of their time in front of screens such as cell phones, computers, and tablets which means they can be easily targeted for cyberbullying.

The traditional bullying usually happens at school but even that stops when the school ends and the child comes back home. However, when it comes to cyberbullying, there is no escape. Cyberbullies harass and torment vulnerable children on the internet.

Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying

We have found some ways that can help parents help their children stay away from cyberbullying. By following these ways, parents can prevent their children from becoming a victim of cyberbullying.

Communicate with Your Children

The best way to help your children stay away from cyberbullying is to make them talk about it first. You should allow your child to be comfortable enough around you so they can share every minute detail of their online activity with you.

You should ask them what activity they do online and if someone or something is bothering them on the internet. Ask them about their problems in general. You may even ask them questions about cyberbullying or if someone is trying to bully them on the internet.

Monitor Online Activity

No matter how easier it is to cyberbully your child on the internet, it is even easier to monitor their online activity and see what’s happening. If you are not able to take away your child’s phone then you always have an option of installing a monitoring solution or a parental control solution on your child’s device.

The parental control will help you monitor your child’s online activity and see if someone is trying to harass or bully them on the internet. Having a monitoring solution deployed on your child’s device will ensure their safety on the internet.

Volunteer in the Community

As a parent, you can help your children stay away from cyberbullying by volunteering in a community. You can use your experience to create appropriate strategies that can help in identifying the victims as well as redirect the bullies’ behavior.

You can join hands with schools and teachers and build a community that works against cyberbullying prevention. This will help you protect your children from the cyberbullies and provide them with a safe online experience.


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