Cyberbullying Techniques Parents Must Be Aware Of

Cyberbullying has been around for many years now, with thousands of kids living in a constant nightmare due to the actions and words of their attacks through digital channels. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to provide your kids with online safety, but that isn’t possible unless you’re fully aware of the different threats and how they may reach your youngsters. This is especially true for cyberbullying. You must first learn about the different cyberbullying techniques before you get down to confronting the problem and nipping it in the bud. Let’s take a look at some of the most common techniques cyberbullies use to harm or harass their victims.

Social Media Harassment

A large number of cyberbullies rely on social media to harass, exploit, and insult their targets. As social media has huge traffic and is especially popular among the younger generation, the risk of cyberbullying attack is significantly higher on such platforms. The perpetrator not only finds it convenient to target the victim, but also derives motivation from all the attention that is attracted. Some of the most common tactics used by cyberbullies are as follows:

  • Uploading inappropriate images of the victim
  • Spreading lies about the victim
  • Posting rude and mean comments on victim’s posts
  • Creating fake id under victim’s name
  • Stealing victim’s social media account passwords

Intimidation through Texting

Cyberbullies may also harass the kids by sending them text messages. These messages may be threatening or offensive in nature, composed with the sole intent to intimidate the target. In order to avoid getting caught, the perpetrators hide behind an anonymous identity, thus becoming even more aggressive in their attacks as the fear of facing consequences is removed.

Hate Blogs

Cyberbullies do not hesitate in creating a dedicated blog or website for harassing the victim. These blogs may contain inappropriate images and videos of the victim. Most of them target the physique, looks, physical and mental skills, or any weakness of the victim. Spreading rumors and gossips about the victims to embarrass them in front of their friends and rest of the school is also a common tactic used by cyberbullies. Another popular tactic to break the victim is to reveal their personal information on these blogs, primarily exaggerated and even fabricated stories about the victim’s family problems. There are several examples of kids who left school, lost their confidence, and even tried to commit suicide after getting publically humiliated.

You can protect your kids from cyberbullying up to a great extent just by adding a monitoring app on all their mobile devices. These apps easily monitor the browsing history, IM messages, Facebook conversation, etc. thus keeping you informed on all that’s happening in your kids’ lives and putting you in a position to immediately help them in case they need it.

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