Are Your Kids More Stressful Than You? Get Help from A Teensafe App

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Although stress is a part of everyday life, why are we seeing young people stressed-out than ever nowadays? Stress in teens is increasing day by day and the causes are plenty but all unattended. Every parent can feel their teenager being rebellious, irritated, frustrated, and angry day by day.

As explained in this post published on HuffPost, teens have made their lives busy and complicated now. Their tough studies are accompanied by the peer pressure of drugs, alcohol, cheating, sex, plagiarism, and smoking. Along with their disturbed social life, they have social media influencing them to do different things.

There are all-time depression elements like mobile phones, social media, texting, etc. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and great consumption of caffeine contribute to a high level of depression and anxiety. They start drinking coffee at an early age and they do a very little exercise.

Another article published on HuffPost states the statistics that around one in every four students is suffering from diagnosable illness. 70% of the college counseling directors have expressed that they have seen the rise in psychological problems in the teens in the past few years.

While depression is a big concern for the teens, the levels of stress and anxiety are also reaching the heights these days. It has become the point of concern for most of the counselors and the parents. The remedies to the stress can only be managed once we know what could be the reason for this much stress?

What Could Be the Reasons for Teen Stress?

An article published on Washington Post enlisted a few reasons for the stress in teenager’s life. These are:

1. Sleep Deprivation:

As William Dement, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University said,

Sending kids to school at 7 a.m. is the equivalent of sending an adult to work at 4 in the morning.”

The studies have shown that teens don’t get enough sleep due to their high maintenance education system. And also it is seen that even if they try to achieve better sleep, their bodies don’t accept that. Due to the diet they take and the routine they carry, the teenager’s mind often turns into night owl thus making it difficult for them to wake up early. 

2. Hormones are Playing A Significant Role

It is like you are carrying your emotions all the time. In the teen’s body, there is a bundle of emotions that go up and down all the time. With the start of puberty, acne problem, unreliable vocal cords, and other changes make them feel out of control. Most of the time, they feel that nobody understands what they are going through. 

Research funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) showed that the major depression episodes in adolescent children in America have raised from 8.7% to 11.3% past few years. The study also showed that the risk is greater in the kids transitioning into adolescence. There are several causes for this, but during this time their hormonal changes are accompanied by social stress.

3. The Dilemma of Teen Identity:

Teens spend most of their energy in fitting in places, trying to be recognized and appreciated. They sometimes lose the sense of their identity because of their surroundings. They face pressure from parents, peers, and society to behave in a certain manner and abide by the rules.

Peer pressure is the most common example of teens trying to fit in. They want to be among the people they tend to like, but those people often want them to do things that are not appropriate for their age. Teens do different things just to be recognized and have an identity of their own.

4. You Have One Boss, but Your Teen has Many

Imagine having a boss you don’t like or who wants to impose his will on you. You would think about leaving the job and moving to a better one. Well, teenagers don’t have such options with them.

With their elders, parents, teachers, and siblings bossing around them, they don’t know where to go. Studies have shown that stressed teachers produce students with lower social adjustment and academic success. Same way when parents are authoritative, kids hardly find the courage to be themselves.

5. Lack of Autonomy

We often consider teens to be free and independent; they can do whatever they want. But that is not the case in reality. Teens in real, think that their life is not theirs. They can’t make some basic decisions of their lives and thus they have no control.

This is true to some extent. When parents are worried about their kids, they decide to make their decisions. They think that the kids won’t be able to make better choices. This lack of control leads to stress for teens. Adults have the autonomy to do what pleases them, but when the teens want that, it is called rebellion.

How Should You Handle It?

Teen stress can be handled with a few restrictions but more conversations. All teens want is to have someone who understands them. And, for this only purpose, teens often face the worst experiences.

Why can’t parents be the one for them? Parents can play a significant role in helping them go through this period smoothly. You can use teensafe apps to keep an eye on them. Those apps will let you see what they are doing on social media or what type of chats are they having these days.

However, the information you get from these apps much be used strategically. You can’t just lash out on them about the things you are seeing. You ought to understand them, give them the freedom to speak and then guide them.

Teens have this nature of being rebellious whenever something is imposed on them. But when you earn their trust and give them the freedom of speech, they will understand you. At last, you want them to be stress-free and happy with their lives.