Do Smart Parenting Using SecureTeen Teen Safe App?

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Since technology has made its place in our lives, parents are now more than just worried about their kids. Especially when it comes to teens, and their sense of freedom, it is not easy to restrict them. Parents seem to feel that they have so little control over teens’ life and there are high chances that these teens will make themselves fall into the trap of the digital glitter.

Under these situations, some parents have left their teens alone so that they can learn on their own which is a big mistake. And there are some who are using the teen safe app like SecureTeen to help their teens understand the social media and stuff better. Which approach do you think is right?

Restriction and Freedom Go Side by Side

It won’t be wrong to say that teens are very sensitive creatures. You look at them with an angry face; they will not talk to you for two days straight. You try to restrict them; they will threaten to leave the home. They are sensitive and impulsive. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to be the perfect parents for them.

But do you have to be the perfect parents?

Perfection is a fantasy but you need to do your best to protect them. It is your responsibility to take care of them, and they will realize its importance one day. Right now they are impulsive and emotional, and they don’t want to be controlled at all. So, what should you do?

You need to have a lot of patience and understanding at first. Next, you need to mix up the approaches that are discussed above. Give them freedom and restrict a few things in the most respectful and caring manner. You don’t need to go all authoritative on them.

The most important aspect of this relation is that you should never lie. Don’t monitor them secretly, they will eventually know, and they are going to hate you for this. This will make the situation worse. Discuss with them the dangers of the online world they are stepping into.

Using a teen safe app is a very smart choice, but it is recommended to discuss it with your kids before you start using it. Why did you feel the need to use the app? For how long will you be monitoring them? Will you scold them if anything wrong happens? Would they get to make their own choices? Answer these questions to them.

Just tell them that it is temporary, and they can make their own choices. Just when anything bad comes up, you will be there to tackle it. Don’t panic if they have done something wrong. Deal with them as politely as you can. If you suffocate your kids, they will not understand your care and worse, they will run away from you.

Why Do You Need to Monitor Them with Teen Safe App?

Most parents, when faced with difficulties in this approach, feel that maybe they shouldn’t do it. They think of the reasons as to why they need to monitor them. When teens give them a difficult time, they even give up the struggle. So, here are a few of the reasons that might convince the parents to use the teen safe app to track kids. Because it is for their own benefit and they will understand this soon.

·Bullying and Online Harassment

Teens often hide and feel ashamed when they are being cyberbullied. They hardly talk to anyone about this, especially parents. So, how would parents know that their teen is facing such big issues in their online world? It might not seem like an issue at first, but studies have shown that bullying can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, and sometimes suicide.

·Addiction to Smartphones

If you are not managing their screen time, they are free to use mobile phones anytime anywhere. You will see them using their phones under their blankets all night. This addiction can make them distracted from other necessary activities and they might not progress in their life further. The teen safe app can let you manage the screen time and limit certain websites and apps.

·Online Predators Are Everywhere

No matter how smart your kid is, he is just a kid. And, online predators know this very well. They look for teens especially because teens seek comfort and understanding in strangers. They start trusting every person who makes them believe that they are the perfect ones. Such online predators can harm your kid in many different ways.

The information your kids have shared on their social media accounts, the questionnaire they just filled for some glittery reward, and the credit card information they just gave to someone, have some serious effects on yours and their life. Take care of these things beforehand, because it will be useless to scold an immature kid for things you should have taken care of.


Sexting is a federal crime. But still, teens dating included sending nude photos and stuff. It also exposes them to child pornography. Since it is a trend now, teens are not aware of the consequences they might face for this act. Their pictures might be used for blackmailing or cyberbullying. There are cases where kids have committed suicide due to their naked pictures being shared everywhere.

·Dangerous Apps

There are certain apps that are too much dangerous for teens. These are apps like Kik and Whispers where teens share their secrets anonymously with location-based grouping. Predators often roam around these apps to look for vulnerable and emotional victims. Since teens open up too much on these platforms, it makes them vulnerable. Parents must be aware of the apps that their kids are using.

Hence, it is proved why using the teen safe app like SecureTeen is a smart choice. Teens don’t really know what they are stepping into but parents do. So, use a teen safe app to protect your teen from these dangers and negative things that can leave long-lasting prints on your teen’s life. Help them learn the use of the internet the right way and be with them, no matter what.

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