Prevent Sexting in Teens with Text and Call Tracker

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The use of text and call tracker might seem odd and unusual to the parents these days, but if you take a look at the dangers roaming around these days, you will know its importance. Teens are getting their hands on every new experience that they can get and it includes sexting as well. Not only sexting is a dangerous act, but it can also lead to other things that are pretty much very dangerous for the kids themselves. For parents who don’t know what it is, here is a complete guide to what sexting can do to your kids.

What is Sexting?

As you must already know that teens are very much interested in broadcasting their lives on the internet, sharing everything with others, and doing everything that others are doing. It includes posting personal photos, videos, daily routines, publicly sharing emotions, and more. This culture of doing everything that others are doing is making them make the wrong choices that they might regret later.

Social media for teens is all about interacting with others and finding the best connections. For this purpose, kids do whatever they have to do to connect to the people they admire. This is where sexting comes in place where kids try to interact with the other person in a way that they won’t reject. However, this can cause serious issues for the kids.

Sexting is simply sending or receiving explicit images, videos, messages, to the other person through the use of the internet. Mostly sexting includes nude photos, sexual images, videos of wrong acts, and text messages of sexual nature.

You would think that why on earth would teens do this kind of thing. But, it is all to get attention, to be noticed, and an attempt to make close relationships. Little do the kids know that it can get them in real trouble if anything goes wrong.

Dangers of Sexting

While kids might be enjoying sending nude photos, there are plenty of dangers associated with it that can put them in grave danger. Let’s take a look at those.


Humiliating, harassing, teasing, and bothering someone through the use of the internet is cyberbullying. It is one of the most common ways of teasing someone now and sometimes, it gets too intense that it results in serious damage. Learn about what is cyberbullying to know more about it.

So, when they are sexting, they are prone to bullying as well. Once they have uploaded the photo on the internet, it will there forever no matter how much they regret later. Moreover, the person they are sending the photo to can save the photo and use it later when they are no longer friends with them. Things often get out of the hands resulting in the teens taking some serious action due to the humiliation they face.

Sexual Predators

Several online sexual predators are looking for kids who are innocent enough to do anything for them. They make first good impressions and then make the kids do whatever they want them to do. If the kids are already posting photos and videos of sexual natures, it is very easy for predators to target them. Once the teens have sent the photos, there is no limit to who can see them.

Several cases have been seen where the kids come to know after a long time that their photos are still being rotated and seen by other people. Once those photos are online, it puts your kids in grave danger.

Teens’ Reputation

Sending each other inappropriate photos and videos is never a good idea as it can ruin the teens’ reputation for a lifetime. The person who has the photos can show them to other people, post them online, or do anything with them once they are no longer together. When teens have such photos roaming around the internet, it can ruin their reputation. Anyone can make their opinion about them just by looking at those photos.

It Constitutes Child Pornography

In many states, if the nude photos and videos involve minors, it is taken as child pornography. No matter if the sharing is consensual or not, many states consider it a felony. Teens who are capturing and sharing the content as well as those who are receiving the content can be charged for child pornography.

Also, teens are often labeled as sex offenders for sending and having these images or videos of sexual nature. Around 61% of teens don’t know that it is also considered child pornography to have those photos. Most of them said that if they had known earlier, they would have deterred from sexting.

With such dangers associated with sexting, it is not only bad for the presence of teens but also their future. Even if they decide to give it away, the moment that started all of this needs to be taken in to notice. That’s why parents need to involve themselves with this.

The Use of Text and Call Tracker

Being a parent, there is so much that you can do make sure your kids are on the right track. Though they might not admire your authoritative style of parenting, you need to improvise that and make your relationship better by talking to them. Share these facts with them and the dangers around them and advise them to be on the right track with your guidance. You can be with them and be open with them to make them feel like they can come to you whenever they are in trouble.

As long as keeping an eye on them is concerned, you can use text and call tracker to make sure they are not making any mistake at the moment. They could have caught up in the moment and start doing something, you can stop it if you are using a monitoring and tracking app. SecureTeen is one of the best parental control apps that can give you the authority to take care of your kids and know what they are doing. You can intervene and guide whenever they are about to make a mistake.