Teens' Digital Relationships and The Need for A Call Tracker Online

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Calls, SMS, posting, sharing, chatting, and whatnot. Digital media offers a variety of ways to connect no matter what type of person you are. If you don’t like to talk much, there is an option of chatting and expressing yourself. If chatting seems too hectic, go for a direct call. And, if you are too shy to express indirect words, you can publicly post your feelings so that people can understand on their own. Digital media has given a variety of options for every type of person to express and enjoy. In this scenario, teens are the most vulnerable and easy to manipulate. So, they tend to enjoy this the most.

Either out of shyness or lack of expressions, teens do enjoy using digital media for their purposes such as developing relationships. With that, there are a lot of other things that teens do such as bullying, teasing others, posting negative comments, getting stressed out over someone’s comments, sharing too much, posting personal things, getting out all the private information, and whatnot. Especially when they are transferred from chatting and posting to having phone calls, things get worse. That is why parents need to have a monitoring app or a call tracker online on their side for safety measures.

Teens' Online Relationships

Relationships are sensitive for teens and many of them find it difficult to develop good relationships in the real life. There are a lot of interpersonal issues that they can’t just handle. So, what do they do? They turn to a more convenient platform where they can ignore all those issues and pretend like they are having the most serious relationship. Digital media gives them something that they longed for.

On digital media, teens feel like they are more connected and secure. They can share each other’s daily life routines, emotional feelings, can show love and care, and express their feelings easily as compared to the real settings. Not to forget, the same platform can lead to jealousy, instability, depression, stress, and many other issues. They can ignore these things, but soon enough they realize that this is not the real thing. Here are some of the statistics related to the teens’ digital relationship experiences:

  • 65% of the teens say that on digital media, they feel more connected to their partners than in the real life. However, 35% say that the connection is just the fantasy that fades away and the connection isn’t worth it.  
  • 55% of teens feel that social and digital media is the place where they can share their feelings with their partners but 45% of the teens feel that it is not the place to express feelings as the other person can hardly understand through it.
  • 50% of the teens feel they feel closer to their partners through the use of digital media but the other 50% deny this opinion.
  • Around 40% of teens have admitted they have developed feelings of jealousy and insecurity over social media.

Teens share that they feel digital media is a safe place for sharing feelings and expressing love. In real life, they feel that there are a lot of barriers like gestures and tones, but it all fades away in digital relationships. Especially when they start texting or calling, they feel more connected and safe. Teens with shyness are seen to be enjoying this more than the ones who have confidence. This all can lead to social media addiction in teens.

Also, on the other side, it has been noticed that multiple digital media platforms also make it easier for teens to have multiple relationships and romantic partners. They can also make other people or their friends jealous by using photos and stuff. Cyberbullying is another production of such relationships because it is induced when the partners get tired of each other and thus are on the road to revenge.

How Are Teens Relationships Dangerous?

From the sense of it, teen relationships don’t seem dangerous but if you go a bit deeper, you would know how it can ruin your teens. To give you a glimpse, just recently a teen girl was found guilty of leading her teen boyfriend to suicide through SMS only.

Yes, things like these are happening and the reason is that teens become too much attached and addicted to such relationships that they don’t seem to look anywhere else. Here are some of the most common dangers of digital relationships for teens:

  • It is easier to know someone with very little expression of love and care. This happens when criminal teens or adults who want to trap innocent ones use the same method to trap them that is used to develop relationships. Nobody can be trusted on the other side of the screen but teens don’t seem to understand it yet.
  • With these relationships comes the danger of sharing everything that might be inappropriate. Especially, for taking the relationships to the next level, teens tend to share text, photos, and videos of sexual nature that can be used against them in the future when the relationship is over. Many teens are suffering from this mistake and they regret sharing those things.
  • Teens tend to confide in their digital partners pretty soon than the people in real life. So, they don’t hesitate in sharing personal information which could be secretive to their family. This is another blunder that can lead to danger and threats.

With so many mistakes and threats roaming around with the advent of digital relationships, it is wise to do something beforehand.

Monitoring App and Call Tracker Online

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