Mental Health Alert Monitoring and Call Tracker App for Teens

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Mental health concerns are often ignored by us but they bear so much value when it comes to living a normal and healthy life. Especially with teens, we are often concerned about their changing behaviors and attitudes but we never think about what could be the reason behind it all. There are several reasons that make them behave differently usually in an odd manner which makes the parents go all authoritative on them. Where in fact, there is a dire need to understand them and talk to them.

When it comes to the use of smartphones and social media, we are often concerned about their addiction to it. They are seldom seen to be away from their phones once they get attached to it. Parents being the guardians end up being authoritative and strict on them to stop them from being this much indulged in the phones. But what we need to understand is that many issues lead them there and several issues are yet to be discussed. Along with that, there is a need to use monitoring and call tracker app to make sure they are not doing anything stupid out of the emotional imbalance they are facing.

Several mental health issues lead them to be socially isolated and addicted to other things such as mobile phones. Most parents don’t understand this and start bashing their kids over the things they do but what they need are their parents’ acquaintance and trust.

Mental health is treated as the stigma around us and that’s why many of us including our kids are afraid to talk about it. They think that if they share their issues and the emotions they are facing it will result in them being mocked. They have faced such things at school but when it comes to parents, they should feel relaxed in sharing whatever they wish to share. That’s why parents need to be concerned about teens and their mental health. Also, they need to know how to monitor kids' phones to makes sure they are safe.

What Mental Health Issues Do Teens Face?

Teens face a lot of things these days and it leads them to develop certain mental health issues. To enhance your knowledge about that, here are a few of the issues they face:


We make them isolated by our behaviors. Yes, you must admit, you do it many times. You don’t consider them important enough to know their opinions on important matters. You think they are not big enough to talk in gatherings and their cousins and friends are seen to be making fun of them whenever they try to share anything. When they feel that they are not accepted in society, not even by the parents, it leads them to isolation where they don’t prefer to go to any gatherings and like to spend time alone. This is a drawback to being unaware of the social needs of your kids.


Often kids of this age face issues like bullying, torture, and many other things that lead to depression. Often, they face these issues in school and the social media they are using, and instead of sharing it with the parents, they fall into depression. Another thing that makes them depressed is their assumption that others are better than them. On social media, they see the glittery lives of others filled with filters. This makes them think that their lives are not as good as them and it leads them into depression which is hard to fight.


Admit it, being a parent you pressure your kids into making the achievements that you were unable to do it yourself. You want them to be the best in studies, manners, discipline, and everything. This puts a lot of pressure on them and they can face continuous anxiety and stress due to it. They might become anxious and worried all the time about what they are doing is right or not. If they are like this now, they will be under the same pressure throughout life. Another thing that puts them under pressure is the use of mobile phones. All-day when they are stuck to their mobile phones, they are waiting for people to comment on their post, to reply to them, or to respond in any way. This keeps them awake as well.

With such issues on the rise, there are high chances that kids can indulge in issues related to mental health thus doing things that don’t suit them.

The Use of Monitoring and Call Tracker App

Where there are behavioral issues that need to be resolved by the parents, there are things that must be kept in mind to protect them as well. First, parents must change their behaviors and accept their kids as they are, and allow them to share anything they want. This way they will confide in you and put their trust in you that result in them sharing everything with you.

Moreover, there is a need to check up on their use of social media and mobile phones. This is the time when they do stupid things on mobile phones because of the stress they are facing in the real life. These stupid things can lead them to very dangerous things as many kids have faced many things due to oversharing, cyberbullying, predators, and many other issues. So, there is a dire need to use monitoring and call tracker app to make sure this doesn’t happen to your kid.

Now it is about finding the right app for you. You need an app that offers you multiple features to cater to your multiple needs such as tracking SMS, location, calls, monitoring social media, managing screen time, etc. By far, SecureTeen is found to be one of the most authentic and efficient parental control apps that gives you multiple features to enjoy and take care of your kids. Install this amazing parental control app right now and check up on your kids remotely.