War against Bullying: Role of Parents and Teachers

Do you want to take an active part in the war against bullying? Are you interested in removing bullying from schools once and for all? Do you want to know how to prevent bullying among teens? If yes, then you are certainly at the right place. Below, we have discussed are a few ways in which parents and teachers can contribute to the fight against the menace that has long plagued the class rooms, school halls, and playgrounds.

Role of Parents

Encourage him to Speak:

There has been an increase in bullying and teenagers are its direct target. National Education Association mentioned in its report that roughly 160,000 school-going students resist going to school mainly because of bullying. Parents must encourage kids to share their problems with them instead of keeping them bottled up. A short conversation with the kid on school routine, friends and teachers can easily tell a lot about the problems they may be facing.

Understand your kid and his problems:

Bullying results in loss of interest in studies, sleeping disorder, mental stress and much more. If your child has showed poor performance in school or picked up a fight with any school friend, then ask him nicely about the cause of this behavior instead of yelling at him.

Boost his self confidence:

In most cases, the victim cannot speak for himself due to fear of retaliation by the bully. This lack of confidence is the major reason kids do not speak about their ordeal to parents. Parents must raise kids in such a way that they should have enough confidence to speak to the bully face-to-face and to handle the situation bravely. These things do not come at once; they need time and effort.

Never go to sleep without giving him a tight hug:

Giving a kiss on a cheek, and a tight warm hug neither takes time nor money but it has a strange magic in it that automatically makes receiver feel fresh, motivated and happy. So, make it a habit to show them affection every night.

Role of Teachers

Keep an Eye on Students:

Teachers must keep an eye on the students. If they find something unusual, then they must report to the school authorities so that immediate action can be taken to avoid any unwanted incident.

Encourage students to Report Bullying incident:

Teachers must also encourage students to report bullying incidents immediately. This is the best way to expose bullies and to keep the school environment safe.

Set Examples:

Bullies must be punished so that other kids know that such a behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This will decrease the trend of harassing just for fun as most of the teens do bullying for pleasure.

Bullying is not an easy foe to conquer, but with a committed effort and persistence, parents and teachers can curb it significantly.

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