Top 3 Warning Signs Your Teen is Being Bullied

Bullying has its roots everywhere from homes and offices to schools and colleges. Some incidents hurt us physically while others have a deep impact on your mind. The worst thing about bullying which makes it so dangerous is the fact that it simultaneously affects our physical health as well as our mental well-being. The consequences of bullying are more serious among teens as they are still not mature enough to deal with this issue as well as adults. We must realize that as parents, it’s our responsibility to help our kids tackle the issue. That, however, is not possible until we know if our teen is experiencing bullying. Fortunately, there are 3 warning signs that help in detecting the problem. By observing and noticing these signs, it’s possible for us to extend help to our kids before it’s too late.

1. Sudden Change in Behavior

Sudden change in behavior of kids is an important sign that indicates a problem in your youngster’s life. If your kid has been sad and spending time alone lately, then there is quite a high chance that he is encountering bullying in school or college. He may suddenly refuse to go to school all of sudden without giving a valid reason. This is yet another hint for the parents which points out one thing; there is something wrong somewhere in his life. According to National Education Association, roughly 160,000 school students miss their classes and refuse going to school in fear of bullying. Teens love to have a lot of friends as they like to remain social. If your teen has suddenly lost all his friends or has stopped hanging out with them, then it is also a warning sign for you.

2. Sleeping and Eating Disorder

Bullying, if experienced repeatedly over a period of time, results in physical ailment. Teens are so horrified that they are not able to share this problem with their parents. Keeping things to them makes the condition even worse. Victims of bullying have higher chances of developing sleeping and eating disorder. Parents must closely observe the sleeping timings and eating habits of the teens as it is the only way to know that they are worried and depressed.

3. Poor Performance at School

How can you perform well when you are mentally upset? Victims of bullying lose interest in studies and education as a whole which affects their grades. A major misconception held by many parents is that the poor grades are result of kid’s carelessness. If your kid failed in any subject or got bad grades in the recent exams and quizzes, then it is highly suggested that you sit down with them and ask them if they’re having issues like getting bullied in school.

In addition to this, parents must build a strong bonding with kids so that they may not feel shy sharing their problems with parents. Keeping the line of communication is very important in this regard.

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