Tips on How to React When Your Special Child is Bullied

Bullying has been a norm for quite some time, and although there have been multiple campaigns to stop it, not a lot has actually improved.

When and if you were bullied, you probably just dealt with it quietly, but if your child with special needs is going through a similar ordeal, you just can’t sit back and relax. You probably feel like you have to do something about it, but the problem is you don’t know what.

The first thing that comes to mind is to give the bully a piece of their own medicine, but that’s not always helpful.

When it comes to handling bullying of special kids, you need to think maturely and sensibly. There are several ways in you can handle the situation. We’ve outlined a few of them for your help.

Remain Calm

We know how hard it is to control your anger and frustration, but you really need to remain calm. If you react and hurt the bully in any way, then that might have a negative effect on your kid.

You certainly wouldn’t want that to happen, which is why it is advised that you control your emotions and go through regular channels first, regular channels being the teachers, principal, and bully’s parents.

If all of them are informed of the bad behavior, then the bully may stop acting like that altogether. It not only will help you but will also help other kids that are being bullied by them.

Assure Your Kid of Your Support

If you don’t react, then some kids might take it in a negative sense and may begin to feel that you don’t care. You shouldn’t let that happen. You have to assure your kids that no matter what ordeal they’re going through, you will always have their back.

If they want you to be aggressive against the bully, then don’t give in to that. Instead tell them that the school and teachers will take care of the issue and the bully won’t trouble you anymore.

Pursue School’s Code of Conduct

If remaining calm bit doesn’t do the trick, then aggressively pursue school’s code of conduct. Let everyone know about the actions of the bully and how the school administration is turning a blind eye to them.

It’s not the best course of action, but if the people at school are not committed to providing safety and security for your special child, then you have to do it yourself.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from following your parenting instincts.

School life shapes up kids for better or for worse, and if there is a bully that’s trying to ruin the future of your child, then you need to deal with them conclusively.

If you don’t act here, then your child may lose faith in you and may not complain about anything ever again. You will lose their trust and most importantly, you will leave them at the disposal of a bully.

Knowing that, it is advised that you do take some sort of action. Start slow, but if things don’t pan out the way you want, then you can take the aggressive route.

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