The Bully Threat: Guide Your Teen to Deliverance

Bullying can enter a kid’s life at anytime and send them spiraling down towards hopelessness and despair. The young victims are rarely aware of the options available to them, which is why they continue to suffer in silence. You need to help your teen realize that they’re not weak and help them discover ways to bring their torment to an end without hurting anyone, including themselves, in the process.

A suffocating experience

Bullying can often leave the victim feeling utterly distraught, making them feel like the walls are closing in on them and that there’s no easy escape from the nightmare. People they turn to for help can let them down, thus reinforcing their sense of isolation. Depression despair and desperation can drive them to the edge, tempting them to end their misery at the expense of their health, dreams and even life.

An inspirational victory over bullying

Jerah, one of the many unfortunate victims of bullying, is a walking testimony to the fact that there’s always a way out. Sharing her tale for the “I Choose” anti-bullying campaign, she revealed that her torment began at a very young age and continued to follow her throughout high school. Unaware of how to handle bullying, she struggled to cope with it for many years and turned to others for help, who let her down. However, she eventually decided to find a way out. She made herself inaccessible to the bullies, thus bringing years of torment to an end.

Be a beacon of hope

Despite being just an average teen, Jerah managed to put an end to her bullying woes by choosing to do something about it. This is exactly the sort of confidence that you need to instill in your teen. The physical, verbal and mental abuse can take a heavy toll on their self-confidence and self-esteem, which is why you need to focus on helping them rebuild it first. Once that is done, assure them that no matter how bad things may currently be, they’ll definitely get better. Share inspiring stories of other kids who successfully overcame their bullying problem with your teen, and encourage them to do the same. Convince them into exploring the different options they have available to them, and help them choose the most appropriate one. Ensuring them of your unconditional support will give them enough confidence to follow through with whatever choice they make.

It is extremely important for your teen to remain hopeful of a better tomorrow when experiencing bullying. Tupac Shakur is spot on in his quote that, “Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that.” You need to build your child’s confidence in this message and nurture their resilience and confidence to get through the dark night and journey towards the bright day.

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