Studying the many different faces of a bully

Bullying is an age-old phenomena but today’s bullying is a lot more than the teasing and taunting we were subjected to as teens. The dynamics of bullying has changed. The modern bully has many faces and it is becoming harder all the time to catch them. They have an insight in the lives of those they torment to a great extent. These are the basic forms of bullying that kids and teens face nowadays:


The internet takes bullying to a much hurtful and public level. Status updates on social networking sites, posts and other forms of public insult make it almost impossible for the victim to face the torture. Worst still, others can not only see the bully’s post but can also comment on it with their own harsh words and snide remarks. Bullies can go as far as launching whole campaigns about the one they are tormenting. Others also team up against the victim making it difficult to escape the bullying.

Bullying by an authority figure

This form of bullying that is making headlines in recent times. Hurtful remarks and name-calling by mean-spirited teachers and athletic coaches typically goes unchallenged. Bullying was often thought to be restricted to the realm of kids and their peers. But bullying by adults is becoming a common form of bullying. Children and teens don’t often report such cases of bullying due to the fear of retribution of punishment.

Exclusion and ostracism

Teachers and councilors can stamp to physical and verbal harassment but when it comes to exclusion of some students by their peers, they are helpless. Teens and children can’t be forced to associate with someone who they have decided is an outcast. This exclusion is even more painful for the victim than punches and kicks.

Verbal harassment

Name-calling, teasing, taunting or making fun of a child’s appearance, wardrobe or any other area which the bullies think is inferior is hurtful. This kind of bullying might even creep into social media and text messages. Some people might like to believe in old adage, sticks and stones, but for someone who has been teased and taunted mercilessly for one ‘failing’ or another, this might not be very comforting.


When almost every teen carries a phone with a camera in it, they can easily snap photos that can be later used as blackmail material. The threat to release such a picture can send kids into panic.

Different forms of bullying have evolved over time. The newer types are even darker and painful for the victims than its older form.

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