Single Parenting, Kids And Bullying Share Deep Ties

The sight of single parents with children is very common nowadays. The United States (US) especially supports a sizeable population of single parents. A look into the world of single moms and dads will take us on a trip unlike any other because that world is full of stories of inspiration, passion, defiance, deviancy, and off course, bullying.

Per common belief, children of single parents are more vulnerable to bullying than kids belonging to complete families; including mother, father, grandparents and all.

A child living with a single dad can enjoy some degree of security due to the presence of a male figure in his/her life, but the circumstances are very different for single mothers who lack behind on the security front.

The good news for single mothers is that they only have to follow a few basic protocols to give their kid/s a fighting chance against bullying. Here’s how.

After The Storm

The lightening and storm associated with the divorce period is followed by devastating losses. The greatest loss for both sides is the destruction of the physical and mental well-being of their kids.

An article in the Huffington Post said that children who are upset or withdrawn due to their parents’ separation are quickly identified by bullies as easy marks. The problem is exacerbated if a single parent family moves to a new place or change communities after the divorce.

Some ways to prevent bullying are discussed as under.

Gaining Trust By Trust

Single parents should open all lines of communication with their children and establish a bond of trust with them. This would give a positive signal to the kids who would know whom to ask for help when they are being bothered by bullies.

The Right Connections

Single mothers should be very proactive in establishing good contact with teachers and school authorities where their children study. The relation should be forthcoming and friendly. Remember, these people are the best friends that you have because they would report to you about the activities of your kid/s when you are passing through a vulnerable phase in your life.

Availability Is The Key

Single parents have to deal with a lot of challenges and it’s quite possible that they can get distracted by their own predicaments. This should not be used as an excuse for ignoring the responsibilities that you have towards your kids. No matter what happens, your children should remain as the number one priority on your list. Kids want an adult who can listen intently to their narratives and understand their ordeal.

You Are Not Alone

Tell your teenage son/daughter that they are not alone and make them understand this by becoming an integral part of their lives. Since kids are also walking through a living hell just like their parent, it is important to be sensitive to their physical and emotional needs.

Mild Reactions

Living with a teenager means that emotions can sometimes run high. Young emotions are powered by a lot of energy that can erupt like a volcano at any given time. As a parent, you should handle such a situation very sensibly. Things are as difficult for your teenage stock as it is for you. Let the love flow freely around you.

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