New World Brutes: Cultural Bullying In The Land Of Columbus


Bullying is an integral part of the American society and the entire culture obsessively revolves around the concept of winning. It doesn’t take much effort to witness firsthand the effects of bullying in America.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the entire American society is comprised of sadistic bullies. American society comprises of people belonging to different nationalities from around the world and whose forefathers came to the US to fulfill their American dream. This article will discuss the types and nature of bullying tendencies found among some American cultures. Brace yourselves for a wild cultural ride!

End of the civility era

Public opinions polls carried out over the course of the past few years have shown that Americans are extremely concerned over the demise of civility in government, businesses, media, and social media.

A recent survey conducted by the Weber Shandwick reported that 65% of Americans believe that death of civility is a stinging social problem. Most interviewees noted that this trend has been ushered in by the financial crisis and the impending recession.

Here’s one for every parent’s ears… The most unsettling bullying in America statistics showed that close to 50% of respondents said that the country was drifting away from the principles of democracy because of incivility and bullying.

A different survey, titled Civility in America, was conducted by the KRC Research in late May 2011 by analyzing the online survey of a 1,000 US adults. The results screamed the same problems as those identified by previous studies. These stats leave a lot to think about and constructive thinking is what we need.

Bullying in American cultures

Not all cultures falling within the American society understand bullying as normal. For instance, in the South West of the US, coaches have most often been quoted as saying that teams of Hopi Indians play with the intention to win in any sport, but try not to win because they decide against embarrassing their opponents. In other cultures, the game doesn’t end until both the teams are tied.

European kind of mishandling

Most European people in the US are involved in pecking-order bullying which is common throughout the US. This is likely to involve direct physical aggression where the strong attacks the weak.

People belonging to Germany, England and Australia consider bullying acceptable because these are regarded as “high performance orientation” cultures which fancy accomplishments.

People belonging to Eastern European (Greece, Hungary and Poland) are okay with bullying since it is socially acceptable and is expected to occur by the weak. Bosses in a Greek culture are allowed to harass simply because they are in the driving seat.

Latinos in Americano

Expatriates from the Latin American region have culturally been recognized as anti-bullying. People belonging to countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, place more value on humane treatment of an individual per cultural values.

Samurai bullies

Japanese communities follow a four-tiered structure of bullying. The structure involves four types of people; the victims, bullies, spectators and bystanders. In addition, communities from countries like Singapore, Hon King and Taiwan also show a higher rate of acceptance for bullying.

Spartans in the States

You have seen the movie, haven’t you now? It is better not to comment about people who beat the shining stars out of their kids and the only words that comes out of their mouths in the heat of battle is “HO HO HO!”. Its a relief for us that their ancestors are a bit toned down in the present time.

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