Hidden Bullies Should Be Smoked Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Bullying comes in many different varieties and so do bullies. Bullies come in all kinds of sizes and packages which make them more prevalent in every social situation that we can think of encountering inside and outside the protected environment of our homes. One such group of bullies has been ignored, or has rather missed the observing eyes of parents, teachers, and researchers. This particular group has been branded as “hidden bullies” by experts. Children belonging to the category of hidden bullies are usually popular among their respective peer groups and are known to be aggressive in their attitude and perceptions. These aggressive children have been silently running the show while adults kept looking for ways to prevent bullyingThe real shock for adults came when they realized that a great portion of social life at school was influenced by these hidden bullies under the nose of parents and teachers. Here we will discuss who hidden bullies actually are and the problems that they create for their peers.  

Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden bullies are not easily sighted for being involved in deviant behavior but use their popularity and influence to get things done by taking indirect measures. These bullies are part of a small section of the larger peer group but they wield considerable power within these groups because they are more likely to be the ring leaders.

Hidden bullies are also well-versed in the art of exercising dominance and control over the group they lead. In order to gain advantage on or from someone, these bullies are renowned for rewarding their group members with money, food and other material goods to ensure that their suffocating grip over group members is not lost.

Bullying Since the 1st Grade

Philip Rodkin and Ramin Karimpour conducted a research to find out more information on hidden bullies. During the course of their research, they identified a small group of elementary school boys who exhibited all signs of status and importance within the group. The researchers also noted that though these children were popular in schools yet their behavior was more aggressive as compared to other kids. Another astonishing revelation was that these hidden bullies enjoy the support and respect of their peers as well as their teachers. The most astonishing fact that came out of the research by far is that hidden bullies even exist among 1st graders and the game of asserting influence over each other is perfected from this stage onwards.

Escaping The Influence Of Bullying Prevention Programs

A hallmark of hidden bullies is that they are very good at eluding detection by parents, teachers and other authority figures concerned. This is one reason why children falling into this category can prove to be extremely problematic for school authorities when the latter try to push for bullying prevention programs in educational institutions.

Schools usually have trouble implementing these programs because they have to face stiff resistance from aggressive children who have earned enough popularity to make their voice heard among their peer group. In addition, the hidden bullies also develop their social skills to a good level so that they could influence their peers, teachers, and school administration in their favor. Sometimes it seems that even adults don’t know how to deal with bullies in a befitting manner.

This new group of bullies may have been identified only recently but their potential to do immense damage cannot be overruled. Parents should take preventive measures by communicating with their children regarding activities at school on a daily basis so that they may get an idea about the existing environment of educational institutions. Teachers should also play their part by encouraging young kids to speak out against hidden bullies and the entire culture of bullying in school. The more that children are informed about these matters, brighter the chances that they would help change the culture of their school for better.

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